[Mini Blog] If You Could Make One Rule That Everybody Had To Follow?

Happy Friday! Do you still remember the topic last week?


Many readers left their comments. Let’s take a look.


I can tell you really really want kids, Sana! Hahaha!2

That’s true, Jeet! 3

Nice metaphor, Ragaa! With rights come responsibilities. Kids make us happy, and we are responsible to take good care of them.4

How sweet! Wish you all the best, Mohammed!5

Lovely kid and great mother!

Having kids can be an exhausting thing, but their smiles make it all worthwhile. If you decide to have kids, make sure you can take good care of them. If you don’t want a kid, it’s no big deal! But just don’t give birth to a child if you’re not going to love him/her!

Now let’s move on to today’s topic.


We have to admit that life is not always satisfactory. We can’t make everyone do things as we want them to. Sometimes you could be annoyed but you couldn’t make any change! Maybe you sit in the cinema seeing the movie you’ve expected for three thousand years, but the guy next to you just keeps talking on the phone or eating popcorn like having party in his mouth… Or maybe you have been in line for 1 hour, but suddenly a queue-jumper squeezes in just in front of you….

Well, today you’re allowed to be a king! (only within our app…)

If you could make one rule that everybody had to follow, what rule would you make?

Feel free to leave a comment and share your ideas with us!

Interesting comments will be picked out!

See you next Friday!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Mobile used on Sunday should be prohibited.. only spend time with family, friends, and for ownsake….

    • Very bad answer nowadays mob is necessary for human life hahah without mob life is empty

      • So you don’t need a family, friends relatives
        kids and someone special in your life .?

  • Not only mere including all person of the earth what to have kids at once time becouse i have one the best answer is everybode want to came back in their child’s life what they I missed in their , they will not want to repeat with their kids . And with a sweet smile u gave ourselves a new loveyl hope to live more .

  • I would make a rule to become vampire on sunday and squeez one another blood and enjoy eachother hahaha

  • It’s very easy to say make a rule but it’s so hard to follw . And we have must make a rule but with beginning and one thing more every your first attempt is your first rule to change your life stlst.

  • If I have a chance to be a king in my life, then I will bring the justice for everyone base on equality and eliminate all the discrimination which we have in between man and woman, religion, rich and poor, etc. and firstly I strictly will follow that rule then impose on others.

  • Everyday,every eve must saying we are bro and sis so I love everyone

  • I like justice in a society and i was implemented justice in society. And i was clear all the negative aspects from society

  • i would make a rule nd thats u have to spend ur leisure time with ur family nd ur parents. and u can just use ur mobile in ur workplace. u cant use mobile evrytime..

  • I want make a rule everyone must run every morning before do activities so they are always healty

  • throwing trash in its place. Because it’s a very important thing for every human being to do, if one rule can be done by everyone then the environment will be clean, and life can be more comfortable.

  • I would like to make a rule which is totally accepted by all and appreciated…which is-“To do things whatever they want”. It mean that we are free to choose whatever we want to became and want to do… it’s upto us.🤗

  • The rule that I would make is ‘Everyone must do rainwater harvesting.’ Nowadays, there are places where people are struggling because of water scarcity and some places where everywhere is water and water because of floods. There is no proper system for storing water. Rain showers every year but we are not making good use of it. Earlier there used to be wells and ponds where the water gets stored but today either it is seen on the roads or nowhere.

  • If i could make a rule that everybody had to follow, i wanna make a rule that no one can be commented to other, such as by the body and by the what everyone wanna wear. Let human be a human. Let human reach the freedom to show to the world, that i wanna be what I want. No more body shaming, no more bullying or another fucking thing.

    *im sorry, my english doesn’t well,cmiiw🤗

  • Everyone do their work of their ownself, so there is no burdun on a woman in home.

  • I would make a rule that 75% attendance is not necessary in college

  • If I am able to put rule , I could make 2.no 1 . The persons who treating women as their lust wishers are should be punished in front of all in the public and they should be punished in the extreme level.no 2 no poverty

  • I will make the rule, when other will disturb me I will say if you or anybody makes noise, they will be a monkey, donkey, pig.

  • Tv serials and soap operas should not air on tv on any channel… simply ban tv serials.

  • If you could make one rule that everybody had to follow. The rule would be – “You can’t hurt the other person for your happiness.”
    I think if this rule is applied in this world, the world will be more likely to be happy and peaceful. People would not be sad. They would not have guilt in their heart. They would love one-another. Then only the earth become a happy family.

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