[Grammar] How To Use “NEVER” & “EVER” Correctly?

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Today we’re gonna talk about the differences between “never” and “ever”.

Let’s get started!


1. What is it mean?

Never is an adverb. It means “at no time“(in the past or future). Actually, it is the contracted form of the words “not ever“.

2. How to use it?

  • To give statements or advice

Never skip breakfast! (advice)

I never travel with lots of cash. (statment of fact)

  • Absence of experience (use past participle verb)

I have never been to America.

He has never eaten masala.

  • Questions (for confirmation)

You‘ve never been sick?

She‘s never taken a day off?

These expressions are used with kind of a nuance of disbelief or surprise, you’re asking the question just to confirm what you’ve just heard.



1. What is it mean?

Ever is an adverb. It means “at any time” or “at all times”.

2. How to use it?

  • Questions

Have you ever eaten Thai food?

  • Negative statements

He hasn’t ever yelled at me. = He has never yelled at me.

  • Superlative (The most…)

She made the most delicious chocolate cake ever!

Best day ever! (Today is the best day in my life.)

  • First time doing something

This is the first time I‘ve ever traveled abroad.
(“ever” acts as an emphasis for “first time”)


  • Comprision

This car is faster than ever.
(“ever” means “at any time in the past”)

  • Command

Don’t ever lie to me! = Never lie to me!

  • (formal) Adjective intensifier

This cake is ever so delicious!
She is ever so kind!

You can use “ever so” to emphasize the adjective that follows.

Never ever

“Never ever” is just an emphasis for “never”.

I never ever eat junk food.
He never ever comes to work late.


Fill in the blanks with “never” or “ever”.

1. He’s ________ been able to admit to his mistakes.

2. After what she did to me, I’ll ______ trust her again.

3. She’s ______ so pretty.

4. Have you ______ been to Europe?

I bet you get the answers!

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