[Fun Time] When I’m Losing My Weight

Hello, everyone!

Are you losing weight or on a diet?

Weight losing or going on a diet is always the unpleasant topic for those who want to lose weight. However, as an outsider, watching the process of weight losing might be really funny. LOL!


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Usually, it might be too late for you to start the journey of weight losing when your weight and belly have caught your attention!

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So, you make up you mind to go on a diet and live a monkish life.

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“Desert? NO!”

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“I’m a vegetarian! ”

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“Hamburger? what is it?”

“Please go away, do not eat this in front of me ok? I’m on a diet!”

In order achieve it as soon as possible, you choose to be the shiniest star in the gym.

You lift the increasing weights time and again, challenging yourself and pushing beyond your physical limitations.

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You start to imagine what you will look like after one month.

Britney Spears GIF - Britney Spears GIFs

“Britney spears in her 20?, yeah, it’s possible!”

Chris Evans GIF - Chris Evans Chrisevans GIFs

“Chris Evans? Why not?”

Run Way GIF - Model Walk Fierce GIFs

“Just one more month, I can be a super model!”

Well, the reality is cruel.

You found nothing changed on your body.

Cry Crying GIF - Cry Crying Fat GIFs

Well, weight losing is never an easy task!

I want to tell you that the beauty of the world lies in its diversity. Heavy or slim, you are still unique and charming.

If you determine to lose weight, then just go and keep it in a healthy way. I would like to give you my heartfelt wish!

That’s all for today’s [Fun Time]! Hope you guys love it!

Bye, see you next time!

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