[Phrases] Expressions With ‘Set’

Hi all! Before we learn some new phrases, let’s check the answer of the last episode. The right answer is ‘A’: The competition was so intense that our company came away empty-handed.

Have you ever experienced that you know every single word in the sentence, but when combining them, you just can’t figure out what that means? That’s because you are not familiar with some expressions that are used by the native speaker. Today, let’s learn some useful phrases with ‘set’.banner.jpg

1. Set about

to start doing something with determination

  • They immediately set about organizing the program.
  • It would be far better to admit the problem openly and set about tackling it


2. Set someone/something apart

if a particular quality sets you apart, it makes you seem superior

  • Quality is what sets our products apart.
  • His ability and self-effacing modesty have set him apart.


3. Set off / Set out

to begin a journey

  • They set off together in a small car.
  • They set out to discover a cure for cancer.


4. Set on

to set on is to attack violently

  • He and his friends were set on by a gang.
  • Leave now or I’ll set the dogs on you.


5. Set up

to make something start to happen, to establish a business or other organization

  • The group plans to set up an import business.
  • Rebels have set up an independent state within the country.



I am raising money to ________ a business.

A. set about               B. set off

C. set up                     D. set on


And make a sentence with the phrase above!

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