[Phrases] Expressions Related To ‘Come’

Hi all! Before we learn some new phrases, let’s review the last episode.

‘Come’ is an easy verb that you may have learnt at the very beginning, but when putting in phrases as native speakers do you may be confused. Today let’s learn some idioms about ‘Come’! And here are the phrases.coming-soon-1898936_960_720.jpg

1. Come apart at the seams

completely lose emotional control

  • Poor Jane really came apart at the seams during the funeral service.
  • I can’t watch those sappy movies because I just come apart at the seams every time.


2. Come away empty-handed

return from a meeting, situation or other events without any gain

  • I worked so hard to prepare for the competition, and I still came away empty-handed, thanks to another fourth-place finish.
  • We came away empty-handed from the negotiations.


3. Come down in the world

lose financial or social prestige and position

  • It’s sad to see how he has come down in the world.
  • I think you’re taking too much risk. You might come down in the world.


4. Come into one’s own

begin having success and satisfaction in life

  • The goalkeeper came into his own with a series of brilliant saves.
  • Keep working hard. One day you’ll come into your own.


5. Come out ahead

to be in a position of profit, or advantage after an event

  • You’ve spent so much money on this project that you’ll be lucky to come out ahead.
  • It was difficult, but in the end, we came out ahead.



The competition was so intense that our company ____________.

A. came away empty-handed               B. came out ahead

C. came down in the world                   D. came apart at the seams


And make a sentence with the phrase above!

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