[Guess!] Your Tailor Is A Very BAD Man!

Welcome to [Guess!]. First of all, let’s check the answers to the last episode:


Alan’s son finds the BIG check in the bushes and brings it back home.

Chandler looks for a tailor to alter his pants. Joey recommends Frankie to him.

Then Chandler goes to the tailor’s. When the tailor Frankie asks him how long he wants the cuffs, Chandler jokes, “At least as long as I have the pants.” But the tailor’s reaction is kind of weird… Anyway, he starts to do the inseam.


Look at Chandler’s face! What happened?

Chandler comes back to Joey and shouts at him angrily. Then he almost freaks out just like a frightened cat when Ross pats on his shoulder.


What?! Chandler says that Joey’s tailor took advantage of him!

  • take advantage of sb: to treat someone badly in order to get something good from them

Joey doesn’t believe that and says he has been going to the guy for 12 years. Chandler starts to explain what the tailor did. Well, let’s do a playback and see what happened.

The tailor keeps running his hand up Chandler’s leg, and then… Okay, what is “cupping”? Literally, that means to make one’s hand into the shape of a cup and then cover something? Well, I think you already know what happend…

Here comes today’s [Guess!]:

After knowing the tailor took advantage of Chandler, what will Joey say?

Tip: Look at Joey’s face…


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