[Mini Blog] Do You Want Kids?

Happy Friday! Did you sleep well?


Well, according to the comments, the number of “night owls” is much bigger than “early birds”…


The “night owls” stay up late mainly because they are watching TV or movies, chatting with friends, or sadly, doing job or homework…


Thank you for your advice, Melody!


Health is always the most important thing! Take some rest, Sadia!


What a great mother! Wish you all the best!

Now let’s move on to today’s topic.


Do you want to have a baby? Well, according to some researches, people are increasingly unsure about kids. For some, having children and teaching them how to navigate our messy world is the most important thing. To others, the freedom of enjoying their own life or the sweet of “just two of us” is much more exciting than the horrors of childbirth and the commitment to a family with children. The rest are somewhere in between. Kids could be on the horizon, but they need to work out how to look after themselves a bit better, first.


Do you want to have kids in the future? Why?

If you already do, are you enjoying the life with kids?

Leave a comment and share your feelings with us!

See you next Friday!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • I have a 2 months old kid. Being a first time mom it’s difficult for me to manage things as I have to sleep late at night and wakeup after every one or two hours. Life isn’t easy with kids 🙂

  • Not really sure about having a kid I just wanna enjoy my life and don’t wanna see If someday I fail to take care of my child. Every individu have their own perspective right???

  • Im not sure i want a kid in future, but if God gives me one, i’ll be so happy and so grateful

  • Yea, I really want to have many kids in my futute😄it must be fun n happy. Your life will be more colorful

    • Why r u crazy about having so many childeren
      I think life is colourful having a single sweet daughter+Son

  • I like kids because they don’t have egos ,I like my childhood too, according to the survey reports kids are equal to the Gods

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