[Fun Time] Sorry, No Cure For The Terminally Stupid

Hi, guys!

How is everything going!

If you are tired, just look at the following amusing pictures that I gathered for you, and you will be refreshed!

PS: The title means no harm!


Hey, dude, How are you?

I'm Fine GIF - Friends Fine Ross GIFs

Okay, I know you are an excellent acrobat.

Killin The Game GIF - Squad Acrobat Retro GIFs

Hope you can swim in winter.

Funny Smile GIF - Funny Smile Best GIFs


So, Jenny, what’s the point of the question and the explanation???

困惑 GIF - Confused Confusing NoIdea GIFs


Are you guys still alive?

Is the purchaser illiterate or is there only one store that sells TV?

Maybe, it’s behavior art.

Tiffany Pollard Smile GIF - TiffanyPollard Smile Laugh GIFs

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? ”

Firework Fireworks GIF - Firework Fireworks BabyYoureAFirework GIFs

That’s all for [Fun Time]!

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See you!

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