[Phrases] Useful Phrases For The Restaurant

Hiya! The answers to the last episode is A: “Don’t let your success go to your head. Stay humble.” Did you get it?

beautiful-blur-close-up-831012If you visit an English-speaking country, one of the best ways to practise your oral English is to order dishes in a restaurant. We have to eat, right? But we could miss this precious chance if we just point to a line or a picture on a menu and keep saying “This one, this one and this one…”

So let’s look at some useful phrases for the restaurant!

1. A table for 2/3/4… please.

You tell them the number of people that you are total so that the host can bring you to an appropriate table.

2. Could I please see a menu?

Usually menus are given to you as soon as you sit down at your table. But sometimes you may need to ask.

3. I’d like to try this dish.

Use it when you find something you want to eat on a menu.


4. Is/Are there any …. in this dish?

If you have an allergy or you just don’t like something, you can ask the waiter this.

5. Could you leave out the onions/cucumbers…?
Could I get the burger but with no tomatoes?

If there’s an ingredient in the dish that you’re ordering that you don’t want, you can ask the waiter if it could be prepared without that ingredient.

6. Are there any specials today?

A special is a dish that isn’t usually on the menu.


7. Can we have the bill/check please?

After a meal, you can ask the waiter to bring the bill so you can pay.

8. Can we get separate checks?

If you go out with a group of friends, you might want to pay only for your own things. Then you can say this. But remember this could be impolite in some contries.


– ____________________?

– Here you are.

A. Are there any specials today?  B. I’d like to try this dish.  C. Could I please see a menu?

Is it so easy?

Leave a comment if you have any questions!

See you!

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