[Grammar] Differences Between LOOK, WATCH & SEE

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Are you sometimes confused about the differences between “look”, “watch” and “see”? What’s the difference between “see a movie” and “watch a movie”? Is it “look up” or “watch up”?

Let’s move on to find out.

1. Look

Look at + somebody/something

We use “look at something” when we simply want to explain that we are moving our eyes to something. There’s no expectation that the item or the object we are looking at is going to change.

He LOOK AT someone on the right

2. Watch

We use “watch” when we want to focus our attention on something that is changing or moving, such as performance, movie, TV, etc.


3. See

Generally, the verb “see” is used when we just notice something. For example, a person has come into the room and we “see” that person. That means we are not necessarily focusing.


4. Exceptions

Now we know that “look” is for things that are not expected to change or move. So we can’t use “look” when we talk about performances such as movies, sporting events, TV shows, concerts, etc. In this case, we use “watch” or “see”. But how can we know which one to use?


If it’s something outside your home, use “see“.

see a movie in a theater; see a baseball game

If you’re doing something at home, use watch.

watch a movie on TV/on computer/using a DVD

Did you get it?


Fill in the blanks with “look”, “watch” or “see”.

1. Tonight I’m gonna ______ a football game sitting on my couch.

2. I want to ____ that new movie. It is coming out tomorrow.

3. _____ up ahead! Traffic is terrible! (Tip: you’re asking to move your eyes)

I bet you get the answers!

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