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Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be prosecuted in 2009 sexual assault case

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will not face sexual assault charges in Las Vegas, the Clark County District Attorney’s office said Monday.
The allegations, which were first made in 2009, cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the office said in a statement.ed6be930f8fcfc133b35f105f5e5797c5f4a5e74.jpg
CNN has reached out to attorneys for Ronaldo and for his accuser, Kathryn Mayorga.
Representatives for the Portuguese footballer, who currently plays for Juventus, have repeatedly denied the allegations since German publication Der Spiegel first reported them in 2017.
Speaking through representatives, he has maintained the encounter was consensual.
But Mayorga said she was raped and then coerced into silence.

Word For Today:


Translations of prosecute in different languages:

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How is prosecute used?

  • to officially accuse someone of committing a crime in a law court

He was prosecuted for fraud.

  • (of a lawyer) to try to prove that a person accused of committing a crime is guilty of that crime

The company is to be prosecuted under the Sex Discrimination Act.

  • (formal) to continue to take part in a planned group of activities, especially a war

He seemed convinced that the US would prosecute the war to its end.


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