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Did Katy Perry plagiarize for ‘Dark Horse’? Hear for yourself

Katy Perry

Is Katy Perry a music thief?

That’s the question at the center of rapper Flame’s court case against Perry and her “Dark Horse” collaborators — rapper Juicy J, songwriter Sarah Hudson and producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

Word For Today:


Translations of plagiarize in different languages:


How is Plagiarize used?

[v]. to copy another person’s ideas, words or work and pretend that they are your own 

  • He was accused of plagiarizing his colleague’s results.
  • On no account are students allowed to plagiarize in essay writing

By the way, “crib” means the same as plagiarize when it serves as a verb. But crib, different from plagiarize, is used in an relatively informal situation.


Practice: fill in the blanks with correct form of Plagiarize and its nouns

1. The journal accused the professor of ________.

2. I’m not suggesting that you _______ your competitors marketing copy, but when you see someone successful in your field, find out what they are doing right, and follow their lead.

3. Lily refused _________ her colleague’s work.

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