[Mini Blog] Why Do You Stay Up So Late?

Friday is always full of hope, isn’t it?

Did you phone your past self last week?


Many readers did! Let’s take a look at what they said.

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The majority of readers expressed their regrets about not being cofident enough in the past. For me, I think being confident is not simply a decision, it is but a process. It’s okay to be vulnerable for a while!

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Some readers regret not choosing the way they should have chosen because of diffidence or others’ opinions.

  • diffidence: the quality of being shy and not confident of your abilities

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This is the saddest part —— children regret in the later days not being able to regurgitate parents’ love before they pass away. I am so sorry.

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Finally, I’d like to share these two anonymous readers’ comments with you. Just as a saying goes, “Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”

Now let’s move on to today’s topic.


Are you a “night owl”? Most of the time, people divide themselves up as “early birds” and “night owls”. “Early birds” are people who regularly get up early in the morning, while “night owls” might have a harder time waking up in the morning, but love to stay up late. It seems that more and more people are used to (or have to) staying up late working or playing games or simply switching between apps on the phone.

Honestly, I am a “night owl”, too. But I don’t stay up late doing anything. I just can’t sleep… Uh… It’s kind of like sleep derivation… OK, fine! I admit I did use my mobile…

Are you a “night owl”? If so, what makes you stay up late?

Leave a comment and share your experiences with us!

See you next Friday!


Look forward to your reply!

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  • In my view, it depends ones habit..that whether he or she is night owl or early bird.

    And both have its own pro and cons.

    for example..
    Early birds have pros that
    wake up early in the morning gives us power to think more, in other word our mind grows naturally and it removes illness.

    Moreover, it is asumed that if we wake up early than our whole day becomes good.

    On the other hand, Night bird have pros

    In the late night we get no disturbance, we can concentrate our work easily.

    thats all.
    And i am not a night owl.

  • Some time im night owl and i am not wake up early and that day i miss my day and my teacher say that night is the rest or sun mean day is the working day and i think its too good

  • Hey my only reason to stay up late is to improve my English because I read novels watch English movies in late night I don’t know this is the right activity. Let’s see the another reason is there is no sufficient time in morning to do these activities because my graduation is pursuing and I’m goes college regularly so I have no sufficient time in day.

  • S iam a night owl but it is only some time not everyday. I am night owl during exams it is part of every student in that iam one of the persons. Behaving like a night owl is very serious it causes health problems so maximum try to complete all works in day time. Maximum 7hours sleep is necessary so I am not an night owl
    Thank u

  • I am a “night owl” Too, btw. Sama with you. The reason ini can’t sleep because l love to playing with my phone like Reading wattpad, watching film, and see their instagram story. I just can’t sleep. So while I am asleep yet, i playing with my phone. And i stay up late too. Hehehe. My bad habit. Do not follow itu. Sometime I get up early, btw. Of course because I have to go to campus Oer have some activity that i just do. If i am not do something in the morning, i just sleep over and over until stay up late. And sometimes too, i always late to do my activity yahh,, because I sleep over.
    I want to changes my bad habit. Yeah, Difficult to do it, but i must say to my self to make a change for my good life.
    That’s my story. Sorry for my bad English. I just start to practice my English. Thankyou

  • It depends on my mood. sometimes i feel i m a night owl, sometimes not. when i feel so sad or depressing then i stay up late. sometimes i use this app for improving my english then i stay up late at night.

  • ..iam night owl… Now a days i played games on my phone.. But not in the exams time.i used to read books in that time..so many times i played games when i was sleepy..i know it’s bad habit… Thats why i deleted game apps on my phone… When i want to play then i download that games.. Finally i am not a early bird..

  • I want to know about Space so.. yeah that keeps me stay late at the night!😄

  • Im not a night owl…
    I m ” ‘yeap.. a really early morning bird.. I wake up earlyy in the morning..
    Bcz the 1st thing i hav to do is to do exercise do my walk.. Do some easy yoga.. And thats all.
    I think its a gud thing to get up early..
    N i m also a night owl.. Hhaha.. 😂😂
    But some times i go to bed early when my mom scold me .. But now i m trying to overcoming this bad habit n to an extant i hv overcome it…
    In my humble opinion 7 to 8 hours for rest is most imp for over mental n physical health…. So be early rising bird not be late staying owls😀

  • I am also an early bird. Mostly, i sleep early at night and wake up early too in the morning.
    My this routine keeps me active whole day and i feel fresh. Doing yoga, cardio is another reason to he fit whole day.

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