[Grammar] How To Use Adjectives Correctly To Compare?

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Now, most of you may be familiar with the basic concept of adjectives. We know that adjectives are words that describe the qualities or quantities of a noun and a pronoun. And today, let’s learn the comparison of adjectives.

Three Forms of Comparison of Adjectives in English

1. Positive

it is an ordinary form of adjectives

  • Tom is tall.
  • My house is large.
  • This box is small.

2. Comparative

shows when two persons or objects being compared

  • Tom is taller than Marry.
  • My house is larger than hers.
  • This box is smaller than the one I lost.
  • Your dog runs faster than Jim’s dog.

3. Superlative

describes an object when it stands out as the highest or lowest among all other objects

  • Tom is the tallest student in his class.
  • It was the happiest day of my life.
  • Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
  • That’s the best film I have seen this year.

Formation of comparative and superlative adjectives

1. One-syllable adjective

Add –er to form comparative and –est for superlative.

Positive    Comparative    Superlative

old               older                oldest

long            longer              longest

tall              taller                 tallest

2. Two-syllable adjectives

Add the er or the word “more”  to form the comparative; add the suffix est or the word “most” before the adjective to form the superlative, for words ending in -y change it to -i.

Positive    Comparative    Superlative

happy        happier           happiest

ugly            uglier             ugliest

careful    more careful    most careful

3. Three or more syllables adjectives

Form the comparative by putting “more” in front of the adjective, and the superlative by putting “most” in front.

Positive:              important                                           expensive 

Comparative:   more important                                  more expensive

Superlative:     most important                                  most expensive

4. Irregular adjectives

Some adjectives have completely irregular comparative and superlative forms.

Positive    Comparative    Superlative

bad                worse              worst

little                less                  least

much              more              most

good              better               best


1. I am the ___ speaker in the class.
A. better         B. bestest        C. best

2. This book has some of the _______ _______ math puzzles.

A. more difficult    B. most difficult    C. difficultest


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