[Fun Time] Pictures My Boyfriend Takes Of Me

Hey, guys! Today we are gonna talk about girls’ photos by their boyfriends.

It will be a very diverting topic even at thought of it, right?

Well, a popular saying is crossing my mind at the moment, “A trip without beautiful photograph cannot be called a trip.” I have to say it sounds plausible. However, some boys lack proper aesthetic sense in photography. No wonder so many girls complained about that and posted the masterpieces of their boyfriends on social media.

Which one would be the final winner in the photography competition?

Let’s have a look!


Seriously, the girl may need a lifesaver.

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At least the photos can tell that all of the girls waste no food.


Perfect set, really, everything in the photo is flawless, the sapphire sky, green tress, beautiful pigeons, but the moment of the snap.

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Are they tired of this ordinary world?

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I do want to express my sympathy for the screaming girl, but her expression and pose are truly funny.


Hahahahah, a beautiful ostrich with long hair?

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Speechless! Can you imagine that the girl actually is 1.7-meter-high!

Oh My GIF - ANTM AmericasNextTopModel MissJ GIFs

Well, girls are not always good at photography.

AGT Americas Got Talent GIF - AGT AmericasGotTalent HeidiKlum GIFs



Flying frog in Animal World?



So the boy is about to convert to Buddhism?

Proficiency in photography brings myriads of surprises in daily life while hilariously bad photos also add more fun to our lives.

That’s all for today’s Fun Time!

Have a nice day!


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Look forward to your reply!

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