[Phrases] Funny Idioms With “Hair”

Hiya! The answers to the last episode is “C”: “My new shoes fit like a glove.” Did you get it?

I believe most people care about their hair very much, especially those who have to stay up late working… Well, forget that tough thing… Let’s look at some funny idioms related to “hair“!


1. Bad hair day

You can use it literally when you think your hair is unattractive. It can also be used when something goes wrong and you just have a bad day in general.

I missed the bus in the morning! I’m having such a bad hair day!

2. Let your hair down

It means “stop worring, relax or enjoy yourself.” You can say it to those who keep worrying about something.

The party gave us all a chance to really let our hair down.


3. Tear/Pull one’s hair out

If you tear your hair out over a problem, you are worrying a lot about it, you are extremely agitated.

She’s been tearing her hair out over the final chapter of her novel for the last month.


4. Not turn a hair

It means “to not show any emotion when you are told something bad or when somethingbad happens.” No emotion, no expression on your face.

I was expecting him to be horrified when he heard the cost but he didn’t turn a hair.

5. Make one’s hair stand on end

It means “to make someone very frightened.”

The thought of jumping out of a plane makes my hair stand on end.


6. Split hairs

It means “to argue about small details of something.” You can use it to describe those who pay too much attention to unimportant things and keep arguing over unnecessary things.

Could you please stop splitting hairs? It’s not a big deal!

The word “hairs” is only restricted to this idiom. The word “hair” is uncountable, its plural form is also only “hair”.


– She started to accusing him but he ___________.

A. didn’t turn a hair   B. tore his hair out   C. let her hair down

Did you remember all the 6 idioms?

Try to use it in conversations!

See you!

Look forward to your reply!

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