[Word For Today] Aggravate

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Do you still remember the word heartfelt? Let’s review it.

Today the new word is “aggravate”. Let’s look at the news first!

Facebook’s Creator Studio continues to aggravate publishers

Facebook is trying to show publishers and creators that it can be a better video partner. But Creator Studio, the tool it built to help publishers publish and analyze the performance of their videos, remains frustrating and unreliable, almost a year after Facebook rolled it out globally on its platform, according to multiple sources.

Word for today:

Translations of aggravate in different languages:

How is aggravate used?

(1) v.     to make something bad worse or to make a disease worse

  • Road repair work has aggravated the problem of traffic congestion.
  • The treatment only aggravated the condition.

(2) v.     to make someone feel very annoyed and upset

  • It really aggravates me when the car won’t start, after all the money we put into it.
  • Threats will only aggravate her.


Have you memorized this word? Can you use it to make sentences?

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