[Guess!] How To Relieve Your Anger?

Hey guys! Welcome back! [Guess!] time again! First of all, let’s check the answer of the last episode:

Ross says, “But you already told me everything.”


We need to face different problems and deal with many things every day, then we become irritable. But usually, we suppress our emotions in front of others, which has a certain impact on our psychology and our lives. So it’s essential to find a proper way to express our emotion.

Now, here comes today’s [Guess!] from Two and A Half Men.

Alan breaks up with his wife Judith, and his wife throws him out of his house, he should pay alimony to his wife monthly. What’s more, he only gets to see his kid two days a week! All this put lots of pressure on Alan. And his brother Charlie decides to take him to a therapist.

When asked how he feels toward Judith by the doctor, Alan complains a little bit. 

But still, he doesn’t express his true feeling about Judith. Instead, he admits Judith is a good mom.

The doctor comes up with an idea that she asks Charlie to sit in front of Alan and play Judith’s stand-in.

Then Charlie begins to annoy Alan by imitating Judith’s way of speaking.

And the doctor asks Alan how he feels about Charlie’s words.

Alan expresses his anger in a very gentle way.

Then the doctor decides to try something else. She gives Alan something to relieves his anger.

But Charlie doesn’t think this will work.

So here is the [Guess!]:

What will happen next?

Leave your answers below and see you next time:)

Look forward to your reply!

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  • The doc would persuade him, take that blue thing and reduce his anger 😊
    #Happy ending💕💕🤗

  • Alan will use Batac and relieve his angry when he became angry. But it need some time so he should be patient .maybe he return to his wife.

  • Alin have a deep desire to change him self and he will do as the doctor suggested, so he get rid of his bad habits (getting angry easily)

  • Well !! I think the Alan won’t express his anger even after this , because he is cautious now and is aware of what doctor is trying to do plus he is with his brother , so he will find it difficult to bring the real emotion , as he has build an image of a whimp for his brother , so it will be very hard to break that image and bring out the real him in front of Charlie.

  • After the doctor 😷 leaves , Alan will bit Charlie using that bataca thinking 💭 him to be Judith and will express his all anger 💢 on Charlie in the form of beating him so after some moment he will get relief 😌 from his anger 💢. 😆

    • Alin have a deep desire to change him self and he will do as the doctor suggested to take control of his anger. So, he will use this tool and follow what ever the doctor says

  • Alan will discover that his way of dealing with his wife is quiet unpresentable that’s why her response is agressive

  • Hi guys I am sagar in my opinion he is a wimp guy that why he worried about his wife. When he can do meditation his mind so peace.

  • Doctor said repeat this lesson again and again then relives his anger little…

  • Alan will use bataca to reduce his anger and the doctor determine by his hits on bataca that how much he is angery.

  • Alan is a good person. He is aware that the anger hurts more to the person who is angry than the person on whom he is angry.But anger is the energy and need to Express in a required way and necessary too ..But I don’t thik Alan will come out of his image of whimp so easily and immediately. If he could, then he could have thrown out his wife from the house ,instead him …..

  • He lets her express about her anger , with this took, because she is sick now, and when she will be ok, she is going back to her husband.

  • And suddenly Alan Take that blue pad and hit Charlie really hard. The doctor smile watch that scene. Charlie got a little bit shock but he is happy that his brother finally can relieve his stress.

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