[Phrases] Funny Animal Idioms

Hiya! The answers to the last episode is “Apple”. Did you get it?

It’s time to open a can of worms and dive into the world of English animal idioms! Don’t worry if you feel like a fish out of water or if you’ve got butterflies in your stomach – let’s take our time and learn how to use these English idioms together!


1. It’s raining cats and dogs

This is the third time we mention this idiom! So I bet you have already beared its meaning in mind!
Yes, it means “raining very heavily.” But how come?

“During heavy rains in 17th century England, some city streets became raging rivers of filth carrying many cats and dogs.”

—— Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins

2. Let the cat out of the bag

This idiom is used to talk about revealing a secret.

Who let the cat out of the bag?
= Who told the secret?


3. Cold turkey

This idiom means “suddenly, completely, 100%.” We often use it to talk about quitting addictions like smoking, coffee, drinking or even social media.

She decided to stop drinking coffee and quit cold turkey.

= She decided to stop drinking coffee completely.

4. Wouldn’t hurt a fly

If you say that someone wouldn’t hurt a fly, you mean they are gentle and would not do anything to injure or offend anyone.
We all know that flies and mosquitoes are pretty annoying, so someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly must be so patient and kind!

He’s the nicest guy I know! He wouldn’t hurt a fly!

5. The elephant in the room

It means “an obvious problem that no one wants to discuss.”

I don’t want to ask the question, but it is the big elephant in the room.


6. butterflies in (one’s) stomach

It means “a feeling of being very nervous or frightened about something.”

I’m meeting her parents tonight, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach!

7. a fish out of water

It refers to someone who is uncomfortable in a specific situation.

I felt like a fish out of water at my new school.

8. Open a can of worms

Imagine a can full of worms. Eww… Gross! So when you open that can of worms, you’re going to have a big mess!

Don’t ask them about the argument, you’ll just open a can of worms.


1. How could you all ignore it! It is ______________!

A. a fish out of water      B. a butterfly in my stomach     C. the elephant in the room

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