[Grammar] Add Emphasis With “So”&“Such”In English!

Hey guys! the answers to the last episode is C! Did you get it?

Today we’re gonna talk about two small but very important and very common English words: “So” and “Such”.


We’re gonna talk about how they can add emphasis to your sentences so that we can use them to make the meaning stronger.

1. so + adjective / adverb

The food was so delicious. = The food was very delicious

He ran so quickly. = He ran really quickly.

2. such + (a/an) + (adjective) + noun

It was such a windy day yesterday.


3. Change “so” to “such”

He is so generous. = He is such a generous man.

New York is so big! = New York is such a big city.

4. such + noun

When we use ‘such’ directly with a noun, it’s often a noun that shows our opinion.

He’s such a genius! (= He’s very clever.)

You’re such a teacher! (= You act in a typical way for a teacher.)

5. so… that… / such… that…

We can use “so… that…” and “such… that…” to show that there is a certain result. In this situation, we can’t use “very” or “really”.

It was so cold that the pond froze.

They have such a lot of books that they need to store some of them in the garage.


6. Amount

We can only use “so” before “much / many / little / few” with or without a noun.

  1. I ate so much. / I ate so much cake.
  2. He had so many. / He had so many books.
  3. Why did you eat so little?

We can use “such” before “a lot (of)”.

  1. He has such a lot of books.
  2. I ate such a lot of cake.


We sometimes see ‘such a little + noun’ but that is when ‘little’ is just a normal adjective: This is such a little flat. (The flat is so small.)


Put in ‘so’ or ‘such’.

1. Why are you ____ late?

2. He’s ____ a teenager!

3. He had ____ few friends that he was very lonely.

Did you get the answers?

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