[Fun Time] Childhood Dream Vs Realities

Hey guys! when it comes to childhood dream, I think at least half of the boys I know in my childhood used to shout out ” I am bound to be a scientist or an astronomer!”

But the truth is some of them even have not been on an airplane yet!

How cruel the reality is!

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Recently, many people shared their childhood dreams and realities on Twitter.

Come and check it!



That’s also one of my childhood dreams, but I failed to realize it due to my poverty.


I started to work just a few days ago, so I know the tension exactly!


Totally agree at thought of countless bills.


I think you should have a quite biiiiiiiig stomach first.


I do love cats!!! How adorable they are except when they are shitting.


For the majority,Β  childhood dreams are hard to be realized.

I used to dream to be the next Jay Chou, the king of Asian pop. But right now I’m sitting in the office, writing the article.

What about your childhood dreams and realities?

Look forward to your interesting comments!

C U!

Look forward to your reply!

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    • My childhood dream was to be an extremely rich person, I wanted to get more and more fame so that I can do whatever I want but now my dream has been changed a little bit Still I want to get more and more money πŸ’΅ but this time not for myself but for the other, for my families and mostly for those street children πŸ‘Ά, street dogs πŸ•. I want to gift them a good life, a peaceful life and a life where they can at least get rid of hunger. I know it is impossible to help all innocent lives in this vast world still I will definitely do how much it is possible for me. Now it is my only dream and I think now I am very close to it still there are some times left for this dream to be fulfilled. But how long I live my life will be dedicated to them. It is not that I am leaving everything on my fate. Actually I am bound to fullfil it and I will definitely do it. Now it’s my only life for which I am living. So my dream is going to be true and I am sure about it.

      • You are so beautiful and you are good person Mashallah πŸ’™

      • You will definitely see your dream comes into reality… God Bless.. .

    • My childhood dream that I wanted si officer in delhi police

    • my childhood dream was to be actress but reality πŸ„πŸšˆπŸš‡

  • My childhood dream was to become primeminister of India ..but now I am facing failures in the interviews for corporate jobs

    • In your childhood you have little fear, you did not care about society but now you much scared from your society.
      Be confident as like your childhood. You will never be failed.

  • My childhood dreams are being childhood.

    Because i am a child😊😈

    • greatπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰me2

    • My childhood dream wants to beacam soldier in Indian Army and Now I serving in Indian Army..

  • I wanted to be a soldier but now I am a government servant

  • My childhood dream was to become a pilot😍
    in reality
    I’m flying my nephew’s airplane toysβœˆπŸ˜‚

  • My childhood dream be a singer but the reality is I m assitent

  • In childhood I dreamed to be a dummer
    but in reality life beat me like a drum

  • My childhood dream was an engineer r industrialist..
    Reality is: still trying

  • Childhood dream=be a scientist
    Reality=I made a blunder of stupid decisions,I’m out of my track,want to be kid again

  • My childhood dream : to be a teacher.
    But the reality, l don’t want to be a teacerer.

    As time goes, when me adult, llhave defferent dream. Now, l have a dream to be public speaker in KPK, and l just start processing for my dream..

  • When I was a child , I dreamed to be a teacher. I would be a mathematic teacher.
    And the reality now, I’m a dentist

  • My childhood dream was to become someone whom the people would adore or would love to listen what I speak. But now, there are days when I don’t want to talk to anyone just because the aocietal pressure comes in the back of your mind and you have to be rich. No matter, it takes you away from your passion but the society wants you to earn and not learn after a certain. Why is it like this?
    I think that girls have a priviledge of following their passion but the boys have to go up for a job or to join family business. Because of this thinking, the boys are unable to showcase their talent and the talent gets buried till the death.
    The boys dieas many times before he really dies.

  • My childhood dream was to become a successful choreographer…..
    In reality: I am studying Btech….

  • My childhood dream: to be an architect.
    Reality : I hate math and physic.

  • My childhood dream: to become a very rich person from make a business.

    And reality : now I am only an engineer.

  • My dream was i want to be a portrait photographer.
    Reality:i am a model

  • actually it is my childhood but I’m not happy coz there is no one who can talk with me i have friends but in school i don’t have any bestie so i can share my problem to him. im leaving alone. im not leaving at my hometowns. i live away from my hometown. and without parents. so it too difficult for me sometime i become too emotional. but in last i foumd something whuch can give me pleasure that is listening to music generally i love to listen Hindisong but i lesten bhojpuri song coz it gives me more plesure.

  • I didn’t dream for anything but my parents thought I’ll be something or achieve success in my life but I’m just doing a job in a call center

  • I want to become a soldier today I am a engineering student

  • My childhood dream : be a doctor
    Reality : l study medicine
    Ψ§Ω„Ψ­Ω…Ψ― Ω„Ω„Ω‡ πŸ’™

  • My childhood dream: i really want to be a teacher
    Reality: i really hate school

  • I want to become a scientist but I hard luck I became a pharmaceutic l representative. I and enjoying company foreign trips

  • My childhood dreams that I want to make a jet plan pilot but today I do a simple pvt job

  • My childhood dream was to be a famous singer but reallity i have a awful voice and escenic panic .-.

  • My childhood dream was, i will make a computer engineer and i will do job abroad

    Reality is I’m abroad but I’m not a computer engineer

  • My childhood dreams was to be an young doctor or beauty doctor and i’m finally smiling for me again ☺

  • I wanted to help people when i was a kid
    Reality: i barely can help myself

  • My childhood dream was to be navy officer because I love their uniforms and they always wondered here and there

  • When i was a child i didn’t think be a teacher, i think i’ll be a police. But reality i teach😐

  • Childhood dream : I want to be a teacher
    Reality (at the third junior high school/now) : don’t know what to be. I confuse!

  • as a kid i dreamed of becoming an einstien, but now i can’t even pass my exams.

  • Chilhood, i want to be doctor, teacher, police.
    Reality, i work at departement office.

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