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Do you still remember the word attend? Let’s review it.

Today the new word is “ambitious”. Let’s look at the news first!

An ambitious plan to tow an iceberg to UAE

The United Arab emirates (UAE), one of the driest countries in the world, will face severe water shortages over the next 25 years. Abdulla AlshehiAn, an Emirati businessman, made an ambitious plan to drag an iceberg to the UAE.  The plan is to obtain fresh water from the iceberg, which he believes would be more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient than expensive desalination.

Word for today:

Translations of ambitious in different languages:

How is ambitious used?

(1) adj.     having a strong desire for success, achievement, power, or wealth

  • Even as a young man he was ambitious and self-assured.
  • Linda has always been an ambitious and hard-working manager.

(2) adj.     to describe an activity involves a lot of effort or expense

  • It was an ambitious project to restore the public parks.
  • It was an over-ambitious health reform program.


1. Women have to be more a_______ than men if they want to get anywhere in the business world.

2. You should persist in your a_______.

3. I a_______ tried it once, but failed to turn the horse quickly enough, and was pulled over to the ground.

Have you memorized this word? Can you use it to make sentences? Leave your comments below and I will see you next time~

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