[Phrases] Idioms With Regard To “Like”

Hi all! Before we learn some new phrases, let’s check the answer of the last episode. The right answer is “C”.

Like has many meanings and uses. We use like as a verb to mean enjoy, use would like in offers and requests, and use like as a preposition meaning ‘similar to’. Today I will introduce some idioms about ‘like’! And here are the phrases. 

1. Feel like a million

feel very good and happy

  • I guess fluids and rest were all I needed to beat that cold. I’m already feeling like a million compared to yesterday!
  • Wow, I feel like a million in this new suit!

2. Fit like a glove

to describe clothes or apparel that fit perfectly, or something to be very suited for someone

  • The alterations turned out great—that gown fits you like a glove now.
  • She’s very shy, so working in a research lab really fits her like a glove.

3. Go like clockwork

to happen very smoothly, without problems

  • The conference went like clockwork from beginning to end.
  • The sports day went like clockwork, with every race starting and finishing on time.

4. Sell like hotcakes

sell very well, very quickly

  • The delicious candy sold like hotcakes.

5. Read someone like a book

To easily analyze and thoroughly understand one, especially one’s emotions, motivations

  • I can read you like a book, and I can tell that something’s wrong, so please tell me what it is.
  • My mom can read me like a book.


My new shoes _________.

A. read me like a book                              B. go like clockwork

C. fit like a glove                                         D. feel like a million

And make a sentence with the phrase above!

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