[Guess!] How To Quit A Gym Membership?

Welcome to [Guess!]. First of all, let’s check the answers to the last episode:


Jake goes back to sleep again.

If you’ve ever been to the gym, you must have been offered membership. And once you’ve got it, it will be not easy to cancel it if you finally realize that you don’t need it. Why? Read on to find out!

Chandler has a gym card but he hardly goes there. Then Ross asks him why not quit the membership.


Chandler says that he tried to quit but failed because they use many phrases and expressions to confuse him. And if he insists, they bring out Maria (a good-looking and good-shaped sexy woman).


Then Ross voluntarily offers to accompany Chandler to go and quit the gym.


They even rehearse the “scene” before they get into the gym…


As Chandler said, the gym guy starts to use his phrases to confuse him. But Ross, the man behind Chandler, supports and encourages him to try it again!


They are almost there! Well, you know, every time we say “almost”, something unexpected will definitely happen…

Ross can’t accompany Chandler any more because he is not a member and not allowed to go into the office. Now they are apart! Chandler has to face “the enemys” alone! Together they are strong, but separated?


And what‘s worse, the gym guy starts to persuade Ross to join the gym!

Here comes today’s [Guess!]:

Will Chandler successfully quit the gym membership? And what will happen to Ross?

Tips: What will the gym guy do if they insist to quit? Remember what Chandler says at the beginning?

Looking forward to your comments!

See you!


Look forward to your reply!

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  • Again in the gym office Dave trying to confuse him by phrase but this time chandler maked his mind And directly say no to Dave .
    Dave has a plan B he calls Maria to explain new offer of gym and she came in the office and give the details but this time chandler will not stuck in the honey trap of the name of Maria and then he just say I quit your gym forever and I want to cancel my membership.besider the gym guy trying to explain benefits of gym to Ross. he trying to confuse Ross. he says we have many plans in gym contain many offers and we also provide lady gym instructor. After listening about lady instructor he can’t stop himself and register his name for membership.
    And chandler come out to office and said to Ross yehhh! I am not hesitated and say to Maria on her face that “I quit ” .
    Ross said to chandler “I got my gym membership!”
    And silent spread everywhere.

    • As both Chandler and Ross are strong together and apart from each other they are weak. So I think on one side the Maria will come and convince Chandler to stay in the membership and on the other side she will go to Ross and will be successful to convince Ross to have a membership. Both of them will be unsuccessful to deny right on the face of Maria. If they were together it would have not become so much difficult to resist but being alone they will easily be trapped.

  • I think the gym guy brings out Maria so that Chandler cannot quit by seeing her beauty. And then Ross also get membership of the gym.

  • Chandler successfully quit the gym membership, and another side gym guy tried several ways to entice the Ross for join gym membership but the Ross is a intelligent men and denayed every offer prsuade by gym guy. And both Chandler and Ross leave outside from gym

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