[Mini Blog] What Is The Thing You Are Most Proud Of?

Happy Friday! Guys!

Do you still remember the topic last week?


Many readers left their comments. To be honest, some of the comments make me feel so sorry.


There you go, Mohammed albadry! Your attitude is so impressive!

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Thank you Krishn! How lucky you are!


How brave! You must be so outstanding, Prashanthf!


Qomariah, I’m not going to simply ask you to forgive. It is really hard to admit that sometimes communiction makes no difference. Maybe all we need to do is to become stronger enough to convince our parents that we want to and we can rule our own life independently.

Now let’s move on to today’s topic.


When you think back over your life and everything you’ve done, what moments stand out and make you puff out your chest and say, “I did it!”  Maybe you won the first place in a final exam or a competition, or came up with an amazing idea after brainstorming… Or you just caught a falling cup which could have been broken, but you just felt so good that you shouted out, “Gotcha!”


What is the thing you are most proud of?

At this very moment, when you’re reading this, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

Leave a comment and share your experiences with us!

See you next Friday!

Look forward to your reply!

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    • Let me be very honest, I have won many prizes in my education field and at the moment when I receive the prize 🏆 I feel proud but this is just only for some fleeting moments. When that moments are over the value is also over. But the only thing for which I feel proud all the time is love which enriches me and my heart ♥. I feel very proud of having love in me. Love is the most rare thing in this busy, stuffy and selfish world. Love is very easy to hear and utter but very difficult in understanding its inward richness. Love is the thing which procreates a life, a mother gives birth to her baby 👶 with a great affection and love 😍, love is the only thing instead of which we have no expectation, love is selfless, boundless and is not to be overpowered by any greed or any boundaries of life that restrict our lives. In this world as if love is as secret as maidenhood and also very rare. We forget that our life begins with love so it is our duty to end it with that love. If we can love our lives we should also love our deaths. But in that case I am lucky enough and also intended to lead a positive life. When anything bad happens to me I don’t see the negetive side of that situation rather I try to see the positive side of it and my life becomes more beneficial and beautiful every time. So it is my message to all please try to love your life which is a gift 📦 to you from that Almighty. Don’t think that you have got nothing in your life rather try to compare your sate with that street-dogs, street-child then you can find that at least you are happier than them. Who has told you that you have got nothing in your life? You have got a human life that is so beautiful in compare of those lives of dogs or other animals. So try to use it properly. Try to find the the solution of all problems in your inward world not in the outer world you will definitely find the solution and will definitely understand the value of the love and life. So I feel proud of understanding this which is so powerful truth and so hard to realize.

      • Oh my god…. That’s so amazing… After read ur comment i feel so motivating now.. Thank u for sharing that much beautiful knowledge…i Really appreciate it 👏👏

  • The first thing come to me about the first year in university I go to faculty of pharmacy I feel everything difficult for me and started to study to improve to my family I am good but I dropped in the one subject its the introduction of pharmaceutical and taken in the second semester and pass semester without any drop and second year dropped in another one subject and my mother told me to go and tell your father about result of exam that semester I taken 8 subjects and dropped in one only this good but my father told me to take care of your study it is not accepted for me to drop.
    Ok, dad after that I took promise on my self I will pass next 3 years without any drop.
    Actually, I passed 3years without a drop and get a high GPA and my father yes you do it and cheer me up.
    I am proud because I insist and put a goal in my eyes I will make my family proud.

    • Nothing that day, but I believe if I am in this world it is for something so I keep working.

  • Really I feel that I donot achieve something makes me say l am proud of that .so I can say.I still wait.

  • The first thing came in my mind is that my primary school memory. Actually 1st to 4rth standard I was so much idle towards study and I just got passing marks, but when I came into 5th standard, I set a goal that to achieve 1st position and started compete with the prefect, who always got first position. To achieve this goal I worked hard, apparently day by day I was improved. After examination I got 5th position, I didn’t get first position, but that was also a positive thing for me. It is also an achievement. I was not proud of that time, but yeah It was something. Now I realized that, that competition changed my perspective, so sometimes competition is far good for us.

  • I feel my self as proud, when I got chopianship aword in my department… I did not expect it..I did my best with dedication & accountability.

  • I don’t think that have such thing that I should be proud of once I was proud of caring others loving others but unfortunately everyone one of them betrayed me so hardly that now I hate this thing in myself and no more feeling proud of it…

  • Now I’m fearless person from water, bcoz when i done scuba diving in Sea that moment me was proud to me bcoz in my mind water was just killing me but when I was done i feel like i can achieve anything, i know i achieved many dreams in my life but that aah movement not got me thats today topic when i was child i was hearing from others that follow yours dreams but now I’m younger and i realized that dreams are just our expectations, and when expectations are over the value of dream are also over, so follow your passions it feel more satisfied.

  • I didn’t any thing big in my life but I never give up so am I proun of me in that matter actually am Telugu medium background student who don’t even know how to read Nd write English upto 10th standard then I started work on it in inter I got 95+ marks in English both the years still am not best still practicing still improving I never gave up on any things this is the thing I most proud of ..🤗
    PC: if there any mistakes kindly correct it…

  • The only thing i am proud of in my life that once it was a random school day and me and my friends were playing football and i don’t know 1%
    Of football and that day i was able to be the top scorer and more surprisingly it was the finale

  • well .. honestly i dont feel that i did something great let me feel the moment of success
    but i feel really proud of my self because i’m from a war country which is start in my very young age and force me to leave my education and country with very bad economic situation i traveled and i learned new career and i depends on my self to support my family and myself . now i’m in good economy situation and im very proud of what i did and doing

    please correct for me of there is any writing mistake

  • I’m very proudy person .. i am proud of my self bcz i motivate me to do that thing that i am afriad of doing . I am very proud of to be a muslim

  • Hi
    If the thing most proud for me is a personality….then my father was my pride.because he live like lion….he was brave man….they give us every thing of his life…he never lay down me ever in life.courage me to work hard never ever lose hope…dont jump for success without hurdlers….always go forward step by step to achive your goal.i miss him alot he left me in 2014…😢😢😢 i never ever forget him…he is my pride….

  • I think giving birth is something like to be proud
    .I am proud of parenting to my kid since she is born.No matter how stressfull my day was but when I look at my kid I just feel so relaxed . I think there is no other such words to feel proud for me except to be a mom.

  • I am positive the most to be able to understand what I want to be and navigate myself to what I think it’s best to not making a mess. I need no one to get me cuz almost all people get me wrong.
    I do not give myself allowance to do what I know I need to do that can make me the best version of myself and otherwise leave person I love the most alone. I choose to act responsibly in other words I accept to be different, fall greatly behind and be seen as goofy but so mature inside. I can stand up for myself and I can be a person for my love one to turn to after all.
    That is probably the least but only thing I can be proud of myself now.

  • when i met an accident and gone through with operation i felt alone as my parents were outsation but i didn’t ask my parents to come from out station to support me ..And said tht i am well and don’t worry everything is fine when they returned from outstation and saw me they first cried as i was uanable to walk even stand for 3 months and then they felt proud of my strong will power .As i was in great pain but didn’t uttered a single word .Now m on my recovery stage and things are getting fine and normal ..I n lucky that i am still alive ..and have my parents with me now.

  • I won many prizes in schools not in studies but in extra curricular activities like science projects ,sports,quiz,hand writing etc.. .But my most wondeful thing that makes me proud is when I got merit scholarship for MBBS studies. Realy i am not that much good in theory’s . But I am some what good in practicals . I really wonder that how i did it🤔.But it happened. I feel proud in that moment .

  • I remember a moment when I wrote so many ghazals but no one like even one ghazal then I practiced more and more and one day I wrote a beautifull ghazal and everyone liked it

  • The first thing tahu comes to my mind is when i was 16 years old (senior high School) my basketball team won in DBL champion. And i felt like so amazing. My parents smile and they proud of my achievement.

  • Honestly speaking..I am still waiting for that proud moment of my life for which i am preparing and doing hard work.

    One day surely i will live that proud moment of my life.

    And some one rightly said that love is a proud moment of the life of everyone in itself.

    whether it is with human being or animal or with any desirable object.

  • I proud of my mother as she supports me at each level, motivate me concerning my study and suggest me to never give up in life in any circumstances .life is a name of hurdle , ups and downs are a part of it and one who has confront wins oneday .you carry on with your goal

  • I am proud of my family members.. .because they gave me a lot of moral support to me … But i didn’t have what they want.although they didn’t scroled me ..i think they understand..that is not my fault i gave all efforts on that..but Some times i feel shame on me.. I know iam not a looser..

  • Talking about things to proud , to be honest all things that comes to our life should be proud cuz everything happens for a reason … Well I Will give my comment about thing I am proud of, the things that make me proud the most till this morning is Allah still give me chance to breath 😇

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