[Phrases] Idioms Related To “Eye”

Hi all! Before we learn some new phrases, let’s check the answer of the last episode. The right answer is “B”.

There is a saying goes, eyes are the windows to the heart. We can infer a person’s mood and get some nonverbal information from one’s eyes. Today I will introduce some expressions about the eye! And here are the phrases. 

1. Apple of someone’s eye

to describe someone or something is our favorite person or object especially when referring to family members.

Jake is the apple of his father’s eye. His father likes him so much.

2. Feast one’s eyes on something

to boast about a possession of which you are very proud.

He can’t help feasting his eyes on his new watch.

3. Bird’s-eye view

 to describe that someone can see a situation from a wider perspective.

His bird’s-eye view of the market will help us beat our competitors.

4. Cry one’s eyes out

to cry very hard at a very sad moment in one’s life

Poor Jane cried her eyes out during the funeral service.

5. Turn a blind eye to someone or something

to ignore something wrong.

Teachers were turning a blind eye to smoking in school.


My girlfriend is the ______ of my eye.

And make a sentence with the phrase above.

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