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Idioms are really common English expressions that can be used in formal and informal situations. They’re quite challenging to learn because the meaning of the whole idiom, all of the words together, often doesn’t relate to the literal meaning of the individual words.


Today let’s look at a few useful idioms that will help us to talk about our holidays.

1. (to) travel light / (to) pack light

if someone travels light or packs light, they don’t take a lot of luggage with them on a trip.

“We only stayed for three days, so we packed light!”

2. (to) hit the road

It means to leave or to start a journey.

Okay, it’s time to hit the road. (=It’s time to go/leave.)


3. (To) live it up / (To) live the life

This idiom is used to say that someone is really enjoying themselves and they’re having a really good time without worrying about anything including money.

We’re going to live it up in a 5 star resort for a few days!

4. (to) catch the sun

This idiom is used to say that someone is sunburned.

You look like you caught the sun today!


5. on a shoestring / on the cheap

If you do something on a shoestring or on the cheap, you do it without spending a lot of money.

We travelled through France last year on a shoestring!

6. (to) call it a day/night

This idiom means to stop doing an activity for the rest of the day or to finish what you’re doing at night and go home to bed.

Let’s just call it a day and go to the pub!”
I need to call it a night, I’ve been dancing for 12 hours!


7. at the crack of dawn

This idiom describes the earliest time in the day, just as the sun is rising.

It’s a long drive, so we set off at the crack of dawn.

8. itchy feet

This idiom is used when someone feels the need to travel.

I am starting to get itchy feet after reading her travel blog.


We were up ______________ to watch the sun rise.

A. on a shoestring        B. at the crack of dawn       C. on the cheap

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