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Macron vows to protect women from abusive partners

French President Emmanuel Macron is promising new protection for women abused by their husbands or boyfriends, amid growing concern about women killed by abusive partners.

In a Facebook post Saturday, Macron listed the names of more than 50 women killed as a result of domestic violence, saying “the nation couldn’t manage to protect you.”

Saying “the violence that took your life sickens us, revolts us,” he promised new measures and better use of existing protections.


Word For Today:


Translations of abusive in different languages:

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How is abusive used?

  • using rude and offensive words

He was apparently abusive to the flight attendants.

  • treating someone badly or cruelly, esp. physically

He was a very strict parent, but never abusive.

The noun form and verb form of abusive: abuse

  • (Used as a noun) the use of something in a way that is harmful or morally wrong

Drug and alcohol abuse contributed to his early death.

  • (Used as a noun)  cruel, violent, or unfair treatment of someone

She claimed to have been a victim of child abuse.

  • (Used as a verb) to use something for the wrong purpose in a way that is harmful or morally wrong

If you abuse your body now, you’ll pay the price when you’re older.

  • (Used as a verb) to treat someone cruelly or violently

The crowd started abusing him after he failed to save a goal.


1. He has experienced a lot of verbal a______ from his co-workers.

2. he has a______ the trust I placed in him.

3. She turned around and made an a_______ gesture at me.

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