[Guess!] Say Something To Your Sad Friend…

Welcome to [Guess!]. First of all, let’s check the answers to the last episode:


Alan grabs Charlie’s leg and told him he doesn’t want to leave.

I believe that everyone will try their best to do something helpful or say something nice to console their sad friends who are going through a hard time. Joey definitely has this kind of nice friends, but in the following situation, things even become worse because of his friends standing by him…How come?


Joey feels so exhilarated that he hurries to the kiosk with his best friends. What happened?


Joey has been an actor for 10 years and it is the first time that Joey has got reviewed on his acting. However, we all know that things, most of the time, won’t work out for us like we used to dream they would.


It turns that out the reviews are negative judgements which are even kind of rude…

Chandler is trying to find out some good news. He asks Phoebe to read the review on her paper, which is the same as Joey’s. Then he asks Ross to read, but Ross just says, “I don’t want to.” Obviously, it must be something similar or maybe even ruder…


Rachel wants to make him feel better.


But it doesn’t make a difference. Joey becomes discouraged.


Everyone is trying to be nice and say something to console him. But Monica is still reading the newspaper. Then she just shouts out, “Wait! Wait a minute!” It looks like she has some good news?


She reads the review on the newspaper, “In a mediocre play, Joseph Tribbiani (Joey’s full name) was able to achieve brilliant new levels of …”

Here comes today’s [Guess!]:

What is the word after “new levels of”?

Tips: It is still a negative review, and the word is so rude…

Looking forward to your answers!

See you!

Look forward to your reply!

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