[Fun Time] Dare You Take The Bottle Cap Challenge?


Hey, guys, do you know the most popular challenge recently?

Yep! Bottle cap challenge!!!

Many people including some celebrities are itching for a try.

And most people who took this challenge were willing to put their videos to the social medias.


Cool!!!  A  Chinese martial artist successfully took the three cap clean off while leaving the bottle standing.

So do you think it easy to kick the cap?

Actually many people failed.


Some of the challengers accidentally kicked their partners or failed to keep their balance and fell down. Here is a funny video for you.

LOL!!! In fact, it is quite hard for people to keep their balance while kicking and spinning the cap.

Do you want to take the bottle cap challenge?

Do not hesitate to share your ideas with us!

Hope to see you soon.


Look forward to your reply!

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  • Ya I already have a try. And I got success. My technique was quite different, I took a catapult and using it I through a marigold at the cap of the bottle 🍾 and then the catapult fall down 👇. Really this bottle cap challenge is very interesting and I am very happy after sharing my teqnique with you. So I think you also can have a trial. I swear you will definitely like it.

  • Seeing this article I have an interest to do that challenge and not sure that I’ll do it

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