[Fun Time] Calm Down! I Am Just Bad At Cooking.



“OMG! Are they the crime scenes???”

“Let’s call the police!!!”

Oh! Guys, calm down! This is my Kitchen and I am not good at cooking.

The red stuff is not the blood but the ketchup.


“Do you want to burn my kitchen?”


“What’s that??? ”


“Don’t tell me these are the cookies”

“Are you sure these are not the bombs?”


“Why did you put some poop on the bread”


So, guys!

Do you like cooking?

Share with us!!!

Can’t wait to see your comments!!!


Look forward to your reply!

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    • Ya I like cooking. Ever I have a great passion with it. Often I like to make different dishes by seeing the process in YouTube but my mother never allows me to do so as she doesn’t believe me even a little bit. My first cooking was then when I made khir secretly by using my mamma’s kitchen. On that occasion I had to steal milk πŸ₯›and rice 🍚 also. Then when my mother went to take a bath for a long time ⌚ I used her kitchen. But that day the khir was very nice in taste but the used rice 🍚 in it was a little bit hard to chew. As a whole the dish was not so bad. Later mom came to know about this but she forgave me because there was no damage in her kitchen. Now I am finding a nice moment like that day because now my mission is to make gajorer haluya, a great bengali recipe.

  • I like to cooking, but i don’t know how to make it perfectly like my mother do.

  • Yep..i loove cooking. Cooking is one of my leisure activities. Sometimes i make brownies for my family and its taste good

  • I cooked one day..but the bad thing is my cooker blasted and food shattered in every part of the kitchen like ur ketchup

  • Actually I don’t like cooking, I like eating πŸ˜…πŸ˜…*** “I don’t understand this Japanese or Chinese writing ” please make it by English

  • I like cooking , because I always cooks for my family at home, and they like it

  • no, i don’t like cooking and i don’t want even learn that

  • Yes,i like cooking for foody people and cooking just like my pension and cooking is my love also

  • I don’t like cooking. My sister always cook good food for me

  • I love eating but when is nobody not staying at home then that time I cook for self. And I want to say you. You must change the Chinese word into English word because we want to chanage it. I don’t understand. what is written.So, please change the language.

  • I love to cooking, i made very bad cookies, its worst thing i had made ever. but, i made very delicious cupcake 😍 yamy.

  • I love cooking..but i can’t cooking..i am only can cooking some instant:)

  • Even if im good at cooking i just can heat water up and cook noodles and eggs. Bitch, cooking is harder than i thought. Im just afraid there’ll be something blowing up right in front of my face. At the time i was cooking some sausages and one of them just blew up but then it stopped for a while.

  • The major easiness of the cooking technique is boiling water and make an instant ramen.

  • Actually i like cooking and make some food for my fam. And i am master for boiling waterπŸ˜‚

  • I love cooking 😍but sometime I hate it 😬 because I am the only one here for cook to family.

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