[Guess!] What Will The Boy Do When He Is Woken Up?

Hey guys! Welcome back! [Guess!] time again! First of all, let’s check the answer of the last episode:

The word is “sucking”.

Have you ever taken care of a kid alone? Taking care of a kid can be very troublesome, especially for a man. By the way, if you don’t want to go to school on school days when you are a kid. These two things make for a funny story between Charlie and Jake.

Now, here comes today’s [Guess!] from Two and A Half Men.

Because Jake’s father Alan is getting audited, Alan’s brother Charlie has to make sure Jake gets dressed and goes to school. That’s not as easy as it sounds, because after all: Jake is eleven, that’s close to puberty.

When Charlie asks Jake to get up on school day, Jake lies to Charlie that he is sick.

But Charlie doesn’t fall for Jake’s trick, and he asks Jake to put on his clothes.

Then Jake finds another excuse to procrastinate. He says he is supposed to take a shower first. 

The funny thing is after Charlie sniffing Jake he asks Jake to sit near the window so he can get rid of the smell.

Once again Charlie orders Jake to put on his clothes.

Then Jake says he needs some privacy cause he is 11. So Charlie gives in and leaves Jake’s room.

So here is the [Guess!]:

What will Jake do after Charlie leaving his room?

Leave your answers below and see you next time:)

Look forward to your reply!

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  • After Charlie’s leave Jake may take the shower 🚿 for a long time ⌚, then he may go to the bathroom 🚽 for a long time and he may pretend to put on the clothes for a long time and somehow he will manage to delay in the school time so that the arrival time at school is over and he is free from going to the for being delayed school

  • After Charlie’s leave jake close the door and fell asleep agian

  • Jake put out his clothes and preparing for school by himself

  • Jake will pretend to take a bath. Pretending to put on his clothes and going to school lazy

  • Jake is going to school after he the shower and takes the uniform school and takes his praivacy time.. i think he has formal way

  • Jake may pretend to put on the clothes and when it will take him along time then charlie may knock the door and ask for getting ready.but at last he may have no answer received from jake because at that time jake will sleep again.

  • After charlie’s leaves he goes to tha bathroom and close the door and getting bath for a long time and get dressed and ready for go to school and when Charlie came back I’m his room jack farther make a excuse to procrastinate that he has a headache and he can’t go to school and so he get off his school for a day and the story end .

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