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Let ‘s read a piece of news together.

6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Southern California.


A 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled Southern California on Thursday and officials said it was the largest to hit the region in 20 years. The quake struck near the city of Ridgecrest, which is located about 160 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Word For Today:

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Translations of strike in different languages:

seven hells

How is strike used?

(1) v.     to hit or attack someone or something forcefully or violently.

  • Her car went out of control and struck an oncoming vehicle.
  • The police have warned the public that the killer could strike again.
  • My golf was terrible today – I just didn’t strike the ball well.

(2)v.  (STOP WORK)      to refuse to continue working because of an argument with an employer about working conditions, pay levels, or job losses.

  • Democratization has brought workers the right to strike and join a trade union.
  • We’re striking for better pay and improved safety standards.

(3) v. (CAUSE SUFFERING)       to cause a person or place to suffer severely from the effects of something very unpleasant that happens suddenly.

  • The disease has struck the whole community, sometimes wiping out whole families.
  • They predict that a large earthquake will strike the west coast before the end of the decade.


(1) Check your spelling.

Which spelling is correct?

A. Strict    B. Strike    C. Stirke

(2) Make a sentence with the new word.

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    • Strike
      The car strikes the home with a great force causing a great damage.

  • No. *C* is correct.

    When i was a child i always tried to strike with my friends

  • Strike the mind everyday with new words to learn English to fluent

    • The mind strikes to learn a new word to get fluent english every day

  • Strike..I am going to strike for good food😁😁The famine strikes everywhere in the world🤔I Never strike a man hardly till now but I want to

  • Strike

    Pakistan will strike again since it didn’t win a war after speration.

    Terrorist struck the countries who is going to dominant and supreme power in the region. But the ugly truth is some super power country does not want them to get superior. It will tilt the coin. So they encourage and provide support terrorists to nullify those countries.

    Government budget struck again middle class. New budget is good only for rich people.

    Ravi struck again his uncle. Though his uncle believe since Ravi is only child. So he will come to understand right and wrong sooner.

  • I strike my head against wall everyday due to load of studies.

  • Examiner strike over with late comer into the examination hall .

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