[Word For Today] Expansion

Hi all! Hope you are well! Today’s new word is “expansion”.

 Disney is pushing ahead with plan to expand Marvel Land

Following on the opening success of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney is moving forward with construction on its Marvel Land theme park expansion.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Disney has already begun work on the building the new park which will be located at Disney’s California Adventure. 

Word for today:

Translations of Expansion in different languages:

How is Expansion used?

1. We need a dynamic expansion of trade with other countries.

2. Lack of space is the main restraint on the firm’s plans for expansion.

3. Any further industrial expansion in the area will face fierce opposition from environmentalists.

4. Given the necessary investment, this region is perfect for economic expansion.


1. We only know it exists because of its effect on the e_______  of the Universe.

2. English is a window. It shows us an e_____ world and a novel scene.

3. On this vast e______ of land. 


Have you memorized this word? Can you use it to make sentences? Leave your comments below and I will see you next time~

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