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Facebook’s digital currency may flourish where banks don’t

Facebook’s new Libra digital currency is aimed at a huge potential market for financial services — the entire developing world, with billions of people in areas such as India and Sub-Saharan Africa, where financial services are often less sophisticated and many people don’t use traditional banking accounts.

Whether or not these billions will want to make the switch is anyone’s guess.

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Translations of flourish in different languages:

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How is flourish used?

  • (vi.) to grow or develop successfully

Watercolour painting began to flourish in Britain around 1750.

  • (vt.) to move something in your hand in order to make people look at it

She came in smiling, flourishing her exam results.

  • (n.) If you do something with a flourish, you do it with one big, noticeable movement.

He took off his hat with a flourish.


1. There’s a ________ trade in these kind of items.

A. flourish      B. flourishing       C. flourished

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