[Mini Blog] Are you under great pressure from your parents?

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Many readers left their comments, and surprisingly, the overwhelming group of people have the same feeling!


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Maybe we are always attracted to the same kind of person even if we know that they are actually not right for us, but I don’t think it is something bad if we can contol our emotions and treat the feeling calmly without any self-accusation and anguish. No matter what, we should love ourselves first!

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Some children could easily get yelled at if they didn’t meet their parents’ expectations which sometimes are just something frivolous. It’s reasonable for parents to want to bring out the best in children. But sometimes, parents put children under so much pressure to perform well that their children are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. And sleep deprivation, eating disorders, excessive worrying, cheating or even depression could be among the consequences of excess pressure.

Are you (have you been) under great pressure from your parents? How do you deal with it?

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  • It is not easy to explain how such situations are handled by a person who is under pressure from parents. Simply when I was young I was exposed to larger things that often reach the stage of beatings and sometimes to severe beatings. But as an Eastern society, we can only adapt to this. The worst we can do is to become men and get rid of the constraints of parents. Some people become 40 years old and are still under pressure and persecution of their parents. So children live their lives in my community .. if you ask me? Well I’m fine I was able to get over it and I learned a lot from him. I still love my parents and these things have become the past

    • Now my opinion is quite different. I think staying under pressure of the parents can have a great significance in one’s early days. Children naturally can not have the sense of good or bad so in that case if he or she statys under control of their parents it will help him or her a lot to understand the difference between good or bad. Parents are always there for their children’s goodness. Parents can never do anything which is harmful to their child 👶 how much bad they are. But exceptions are always there but I don’t want to discuss about them. But staying under control of a good parents can make a child 👶 more humane and of refined sensibilities otherwise there can have chance for them to grow up as agrresive, vulgur and boorish. A child can think that his parents are so rude but he can only understand the value of it later after being grown up when that control will not be with them. And then they will understand how much good there are now just because of there parent’s rudeness. But sometimes parents get so much overwhelmed that their pressures become more harmful to their child 👶. But I am lucky in having good parents they are rude but now my all goodbess are only because of them. So whose parents are rude at first try to know whether you are happy and doing good excepting their suggestions. If you understand with your heart ♥ that they are not overwhelmed with your goodness then try to listen to them or if you notice the opposite then you should not hurt them but must try to rectify them with respect and reverence but in case of yours you should listen to your heart but not hurting your parents,you should be a little bit of tactful in handling these matters.

      • Yes its correct .dont think that staying under parents pressure is not a problamatic.its parents love and caring towards theire childrens.parents wants there childrens to be good and knowledgable…

  • Yes I told my mom how I wish to have light hair but she is always opposite to it 😪 she always tells that dark black hair is the best.. I am having dark dark brown hair.

  • It’s very simple I just give them a small smile and tell them will do that next time, Surely they will be very to hear “will do next time” from their child. Every parents in this world always want their child to reach greater heights and they always think good for their child. About being in pressure, I totally disagree my perspective is simple if I think I am being under pressure then off course I am putting myself under pressure, If I think it’s just another moment or a day it will pass everything is about mindset.

  • Oh, God, honestly, I can’t remain in a place that my mom call as ‘home’. I can barely catch my breath. Mom never let me think as she always want me to do everything exactly like what she orders. I’m not a kid, Mum (hope I can yell it out). And it’s hard for me to not being a broken kid in a very broken home.
    But God says, after hardship comes ease. Always. And I believe it. Later, I will thank my mom as she inadvertantly taught me what kind of mom I should not be. No broken home for my kids.

    • Same here .
      My mom also taught me what kind of mother should not be.

  • Sometimes, parents only want what they want. Three was a case that i knew about. He is a smart boy. But his parents do not know that. Because pressure is strong and demands for his parents. And so here green up to be a rebel.and leave behind his favorite. They are failed

  • In fact my father make me feels living under pressure but sometimes make me feel lam so free , mom is hear what my father says and she can’t told him no but all their actions tobe successful when we grow ,don’t be very angry all this for us .llove you dad and mom

  • I learn to ignore the pressures. Sometimes parents are too stubborn to understand.

  • Sometimes pressure is not only for something bad, when you were forced to do something you dont lilike even if it’s good then you’ll be pressured. I told my parents about my dream job and which university&major i want to be in,it’s not like they directly said “NO” to that, but they were like “are you sure?” “what are you going to be then? it is useless” and it really gave a mental breakdown to me. Until the time I gave up with my dreams, I didnt work hard and I lost it. At the end I follow my parents choice, and I’m sure that was the only thing I regret till now. I should’ve not gave up. I feel pressured now, doing what I dont love, how I deal with my self? I ask me, if I love my aelf or not. Then the answer is “I love me”. So I make sure I’ll make my self happy, being desperate wont make me happy, then I stop doing it. I just being over confident, and make sure that I wont do something that destroy myself, cause what I want is to be happy, and broken is not happiness.

  • Yes, sometimes the don’t say anything but from surrounding we came to know that we are not fulfilling the needs of our parents and yourself too at that time we came under the pressure..

  • No, My parents doesn’t put pressure on me even in studies also they said do your best give your 100% and just forgot about the result. I m so lucky to have my parents And hopefully same I do with my princess

  • This is just reply for above all comments
    The people really love and care for lovable ones
    But I didn’t get a point. They r saying just move on your past, live your life. Even if you Move on they definitely got stuck some of memories of them .so Stop this Bull***** .
    If they want to suffer let them suffer .
    They got some bloody satisfaction.

  • Yes this is a tough task when we are under great pressure from our parents but it is not impossible we solve this problem discuss to our parents .and we know that our parents want only their children so they are understand our problem but after sometime when I will talk to our parents because parents are gift given by the god .they always want that their children are happy .

  • Yeah you are right.
    I never wanna live in hell called home.
    I want to be independent in my life from disgusting …………………..so on.
    I’m so tired of this life.
    Parents should know the pain of their kid, in which situation children surviving. They should behave as friendly who could understand what a child think. Parent should know the condition of child.
    They should make an environment that could be breathable for children. They could easily live their life I say only about peaceful life not more than this because I faced too severe 💔 environment 😣😣😣😣😣😣😓😓

  • Yes, I do agree with this thought. Children are facing presser these days. Like pear presser, study presser, position maintain presser and parent also creat presser. If they didn’t achieve their goal, they commit suit. Because parents have many expectations and dream also. They want their children to achieve their goals. when children unsuccess to achieve parents dreams, they don’t have the courage to face parents at that time they commit suit.

  • According to me parents don’t give us any type of pressure, in fact they only want us to be responsible enough to live our life.

  • No, I have not get such things in my life. Luckily I got awesome parents who gave their life even in the old ages.

    But I encounter few parents who pressure their child. Most of parents wanted their children flourish in their life and that’s not bad. Though there are few limits that should not be crossed by parents.

    Mostly children will be meet situations like failed achievement which were not done by their parents. Parents who were failed to fulfill their dreams or ambition. They are forcing their children to achieve those things. In my opinion this is wrong because the children has their own ambition and dreams. So parents should not interfere with them. Parents should give enough space and encourage their children to achieve it.

    But children should not think it as pressure that parents concern about their future. Because it is different and concern about their children future is more important

  • No I was never been in under my parents pressure. They leaved me my freedom.
    If I were in my parents pressure, then I will say straight that I cannot reach your expectations so please don’t force me to do something in which I’ve no interest.
    If they don’t listen to me then I will complaint to police on the right to freedom.

  • Yes
    To say for sure, my parents are my energy boosters and they are my source of inspiration. Without them i am nothing in this world. I don’t have any words to express my gratitude towards them. But now there is situation that i have been under great pressure from my parents about one thing. What i supposed to do now🤔🤔. I just want to fulfill their dream but at the same time i want to fulfill my need also.

  • This is not done my life.. My parents were supporting everytime about my studies nd job.. Now am doing because of them only…

  • It depends because in my case my father was totally liberally with respect this then I had to decide my own desicions by my self. I think you have to chose the right way even if your patents weren’t that you were expected.

  • Yes,parents don’t want to understand us they just want good marks from is but they forget to understand us that what we want

  • Yesss!! but not at all the times.they always give me pressure under my studies . I will yell at them when they says “you always not studying,always using phone”.I handle it by a funny way . Yaa I ate more to avoid pressure and i also listen to songs of my fav list

  • Yes i have great pressure of doing best work from my parents but I’m trying to talk with them give them a Idea of averything try to show them a real pecture i think continues discution is the best way to solve this

  • Fortunately, I did never face that situation when I had to deal with great pressure of my parents. But to my mind it’s ok to have some pressure or anxiety from parents to meet their requirements or it could be a good thing for our bright future. If someone is facing lot of parents pressure for not being able to fullfil their demands or requirements just be calm and take deep breadth and think positively that how can you deal with it..literally there is no other way that can change the current scenerio u hav to be strong and have to deal with it…

  • No parents are never annoying…though sometimes we make them do worry yet they just keep calm and try to understand…actually childhood is a period of everyone’s life tht time we all think tht they just put us in problems and want so much from us, but in actual they just want to make us stand on our foots! They just can’t let us ruin our future …so in the order to make us a succesful person they have to pretend like that..

  • Yes I was under pressure due to over ambitions of my father but it also helped me in achieving my life’s goals and also made me raugh and taugh.Without any qualms sometimes I became irritated and at that time I always took shelter of music.

  • Ofcourse iam overwhelm by my parents both mother and father they are yelling for silly things which we can come after by small conversation with present of mind. But i still don’t know how to be with them because they are not considering to my words,what i want to say .

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