[Fun Time] WTF! I Am Single!


A few days ago, a couple visited a zoo and took some pictures to celebrate their anniversary. But when they returned home and checked their photos, they can’t help laughing!!!



LOL! A bear stared at them with a jealous and angry face.

It makes me think of the single people in the street.


When we are single, we can see couples in the street holding hands, kissing, laughing or hugging.

“Really annoying!!!”


When we go to the cinema, we may find couples everywhere.

“WTF! Am I the only one who is single?”

So do you agree with me?

What annoys single people most?

Guys, please share your ideas with us!

Hope to see you soon.



Look forward to your reply!

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  • I think it will be the words that they use. Sometimes, I found that they were looking annoyed when they say “hOneY” in front of me.. I mean.. You need to give some respect on me! It’s hurt my eyes And also my ear๐Ÿ˜’

  • Yes obviously, when I was single the 1st thing comes in my mind how happy they are wao lot fun and enjoyment…. Ahhh when I will be the honey of anyone๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Yes i am a sinle but whenever i see the couple i think i wish i had a girlfriend and it annoyed me very much

  • People around me have a gf/bf, but i think it’s fine bcs they are not show their relationship to me. Sometimes, i’m jealous bcs i wanna have a bf too. Haha

  • Whenever I see couple, I was thinking that
    If I had a girlfriend,I would have offered Hugs and kissed her a lot.

  • When I went to the cinema a couple week ago, I met a couple next to me, during the film they were make noises, huging each other like the world its belong to them. So disturbing me!! I wished i could punch her boyfriend! So annoyed every single human!

  • In Fact it also with me… But I don’t care Cause u know what.. it’s a perfect and loving couples..that’s moments we shouldn’t think .. look towards the sky and just say. I will get beautiful than him

  • The most thing that sulks is that when u r seeing two people holding their hands… & ur moments with ur ex pinch….
    That’s really annoys most ๐Ÿ™

  • I have story abt this . Last Sunday I went to the Church and I sat among two couples. what it was ??ohh my Godd its Trully annoying…

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