[Fun Time] Whoever Designed These Slides Should Be Fired!

Hello! Guys!

When you are a kid, what do you think of slides?

“The best thing in the world.”


“I spend my whole childhood in the slides”


Wow!!! It seems that children love the slides so much!

But the following slides…



OMG!!! The slides endanger people.


Are you ok???


Oh, poor baby!!! But sorry, I can’t help laughing! LOL!!!

Whoever designed these slides should be fined right now!!!

So what is your opinion?

What weird designs did you see?

Can’t wait to read your comments!

Have a wonderful day!!

See you next week.

Look forward to your reply!

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  • no.1 and 4 are all obviously their parents fault.

    no.2, his stupidity caused his fall.
    no.3, the guard of the slide should have told visitors that it was a dangerous slide.

    but it is funny though x)))

    • There is this slide near my house…
      When you get on it you feel fine… Just don’t look down…
      Theslide is super high and when you slide down you sorta fly in the air for a short time (if U R short)…
      My neighborhood has a lot of children…
      Clearly the slide wasn’t designed for short, tiny children…
      Just… WHY PUT IT IN A PARK?!

    • XD Really?? I thought number two is the designer fault.The slide on number 2 is extremely crooked (sorry,idkenglish) and the water is flowing swiftly, it’s make the dude need to hold the slide.

  • I love slides but not to hurt myself so i like staring pictures of kids and other four dont like because it was toooo dangerous

  • I love chikadachika slides even though I am teen I plays on slides.. the more weird the more nice

  • Hello friends, I’m Suman and I loved to slides a lot in my childhood. Even I liked to play only this street where the slide was available. I could play rides the whole day in my childhood.

  • 4th one is dangerous, others are fine, kids couldn’t sit properly that’s why they got hurt however children love to slide even if they get hurt after a while again they go on slide

  • I am in the village so so everytime I was go I be so happy to slide with my old friends. It was my favorite game

  • Almost all children love the slides, but it’s endanger sometime. So children should be supervised by adult.
    The slides for chidren and adult is different on size and chalenge . Read carefully the instruction before using a slides.

  • Parents must take care of their children while playing in parks.
    In case of adult they should take care of themselves instead of going crazy

  • I wish I could be there tooπŸ€— I love adventures but I don’t wanna get hurt 😟

  • The slides should have the safety features to prevent this kind of incidents .. like modify the the height .. then parents has to be more attention when the kids are using this slides ..

  • I think last one very dangerous slides. but 1,2,3, me look very funny and enjoy the game.yeah see you next fun time ok guys.

  • Making the slide should be considered well. Not only the artitistic point of view but also the safety point should be taken in making them. Safety first.
    For example for no. 2, since the flow of the water could make people slides uncontrollably, I think it much better if the slide is designed with the cover. So people couldn’t fall off from the slide. If I’m not mistaken the place of that slide is in the bank of the cliff. So it’s very dangerous. And for you who wants to play in the slide, think over the shape of the slide before playing.

  • Yes. All these slides very dangerous. We should think and ensure safety of the kid first. Fun and enjoyment should be next

  • If you have revenge on anyone take him on these slides stand on the side and enjoy the moment, I’m just supposing and enjoying…

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