[Phrases] Idiomatic Expressions Related To The Word “Work”

Hi all! Before we learn some new phrases, let’s check the answer of the last episode. The answer is A. Did you get it?

Work is a very big part of our life. We all need to work to make more improvements, to make money to support ourselves or our family, to get along with our collegues and to chase our dreams.

Today, I will tell you some idiomatic expressions related to the word “work”. Here are the phrases.


1.  All in a day’s work

nothing special, part of the routine

Don’t worry about it. It’s all in a day’s work.


2. Dirty work

necessary, but uninteresting, or difficult work

He did the dirty work on that project.


3. Get down to work

stop relaxing, focus on important task

Sorry, I’ve got to get off the phone and get down to work.


4. Make short work of something

do something quickly

I made short work of the assignment and moved on to the next job.


5. Work like a horse

work a lot, work very hard

Why don’t you ask Tom. He works like a horse.


Hey! Stop chatting. Let’s_________.

A. get down to work           B. throw a monkey wrench in the works

C. work it off                        D. work around to it


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