[Guess!] What Will Happen At The Wedding?

Hey guys! Welcome back! [Guess!] time again! First of all, let’s check the answer of the last episode:

Phoebe didn’t, Rachel did.

Now, here comes today’s [Guess!] from Two and A Half Men.

Charlie and Mia are getting married! 

But before the wedding begins, Mia and Charlie have a brief talk.

Mia says she doesn’t want to use their money on the honeymoon, instead she wants to redo the house when Charlie’s brother Alan and his son Jake move out from Charlie’s house.

But Charlie is confused, because let Alan and Jake move out from the house is not in his plan.

Charlie just can’t accept Mia’s requirement, and sadly they break up.

Unexpectedly, when Charlie goes back and asks Alan and Kandi to leave, Alan and Kandi are expressing their love for each other. And they decide to marry.

Charlie is drinking alone and he is quite sad.

Alan wants to cheer him up, and he says…

So here is the [Guess!]:

What will Alan say to Charlie?

Leave your answers below and see you next time:)

Look forward to your reply!

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