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1.endanger 2.dangerous 3.endangered

Take a look at this news and find the word for today!

Singapore probes drones at airport that disrupted 63 flights

Drones buzzing around Singapore’s Changi Airport have caused 63 flights to be delayed or diverted in the past week, triggering an investigation and raising questions about the motives of the offenders.

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Translations of disrupt in different languages:

777777777 (3)


How is disrupt used?

  • to prevent something, esp. a system, process, or event, from continuing asusual or as expected

Heavy snow disrupted travel into the city this morning.

  • (business) to change the traditional way that an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way

Dell Inc. disrupted the traditional way of selling computers by switching to the internet.


1. The teacher said d________(adj.) behavior would not be tolerated.

2. It would cause a d_________(n.) to our work schedule to install a different computer system.

3. The meeting was d________(v.).

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  • 1. The teacher said disruptive behavior would not be tolerated.
    2. It would cause a disruption to our work schedule to install a different computer system.
    3. The meeting was disrupted

  • 1.disruptive
    2. Disruption
    Please reply me whether my answers are correct or not.

  • Assam bandh didrupted normal life of common people in the name of publice interest by some pressure groups.

  • Hii sir, I’m a little bit confused. how we changed the verb into a noun or adjective. So give us a grammar lesson for this.

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