[Phrases] How To React To Bad News

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It’s often said that a good friend is someone who is there for the good times and for the bad times. But if your friend has some very bad news, what’s the best way for you to react?


This is a very difficult question, the difficulty isn’t just connected with language. Even if you’re fluent in English, it’s often very difficult to know what to say and how to react.

Here are some phrases for you.

  • Oh my god! That’s awful/terrible!

→ We don’t say “that’s a pity” or “that’s too bad” when someone has really bad news. “That’s awful!” and “That’s terrible!” are good ways to react. But words aren’t everything. You could embrace your friend if possible.


  • You must be feeling absolutely terrible!

→ You might want to show your friend that you can imagine the way he or she must be feeling.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your awful news.

→ Sometimes, we hear aboout someone’s bad news from someone else. In this situation, maybe you want to go to your friend and offer help.


  • Any time you need to talk, just call me.
  • If you ever want to talk to someone, you know where I am.

→ When people are going through a hard time, what we need to do the most is to listen.

  • If there’s anything I can do, just let me know.

→ Maybe you want to offer help to them, sometimes it could be something simple like shopping or going for a walk.


-My cat just died.  -__________.

A. That’s terrible!           B. What?               C.Tell me about it!

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