[Fun time] OMG! People In Famous Paintings Come Back To Life?

Hi! everybody! Have you planned for your weekends?

What about visiting a museum?


Besides learning something in the museum, maybe you can find someone in the paintings who looks similar to you.



What a coincidence!!!




OMG! Look at their features! Their Eyes, noses, even their hairstyle are almost the same!!!



 Have you met someone who looks almost the same as you?

Do not hesitate to share your story with us.

Hope to read your comments.

Have a fantastic day!

See you…

Look forward to your reply!

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  • I never see such persons but some of my friends saying that there is one guy in their village who looks same like me..

    • I noticed people who have similar features
      But no connection with each other
      So yeah I have seen

  • nope, i haven’t met someone who looks similiar as me yet

    • I don’t know whether it’s true or not that seven people are looking similar as one in the world. But yet I am not seeing anyone looking like me.

  • I never see the person as like me but my known people sometimes told me that some of their know are looking like me

  • My first class in college, i just sit on a chair and then my chairmate whispers to me, the girl sit in front of me it’s exactly same like me …

  • Yeah…..most of the person said to me i am look like one heroine……but i was not think like that…

  • I have never met a person who is similar to me.
    I am happy, because my feature are not very common.

    • I wish to meet my duplicate and see them closely may I feel my personality how i’M looking but I never met till now or feel someone like me.

      • You can also watch your personality in the mirror.

  • Yeah I meet 3 persons who were look like me. And they surprised me. Mosf of our features were same. Even wearing of glasses. Haha.
    Allah creation amazes me.

  • My friend ever see a person looks like me. But i don’t believe

  • I also never see such a person who looks like me….. Untill now….

  • No not yet but my borther just looks like me.. Like brother like sister

  • I have never seen such kind of face . But my grandmother used to say that there will be people who look like you in the world. Alltogether 7 members including me…. It might be true, but such a thing never happened yet.

  • I never see somebody looks like me but my some known people told me that some of their know are looks like me

  • I never see anyone who looks like me… But sometimes some my friends and relatives said that…. You are looking like that person…. But I still don’t know who r that person….

  • I have no ability to explain the paintings but the way of biological body resembling the painting brings me complacency.

  • I never seen my duplicate but my brother has duplicate in same village, where we live..
    It’s very curious.
    Once upon a time my brother went to shop for purchasing some product and my brother’s duplicate’s mummy said , how did put off your clothes, that time my brother because confuse and after came home , he told all story about his duplicate..

  • I never saw such people, but till my schooling every body said my sister and me were looking twins. But we are not a twin sisters

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