The well-known “Esaad Younes” summed up what Yasmine is all about while introducing her on her show “Sahebet El Saada” by saying the following “Dreams are like growing roses, they need patience, love and persistence, and one day you shall find that rose bud of dreams blossoming.

Her name lingers to how roses come about, and her dreams are blossoming as her patience made her dream become a reality, a beauty icon of this place, time and era, The Beautiful Yasmine Sabri”.

يظل اسمها مرتبطًا بكيفية ظهور الورود ، وأحلامها تزدهر نظرًا لأن صبرها جعل حلمها حقيقة واقعة ، رمز جمال لهذا المكان والزمان  والعصر

In June 2,she  has tweeted a picture,as the picture blow:

.PNGDo you find the mistake in the picture?

I bet all of you have already found it.

.احنا برضك بتوع جرامر يعنى”always “لانها تأتى بعد” saw”و ليس ” see ” صحيح اللغة فى هذه الجملة

Now do you understand it?

And have you ever found any English mistakes in your daily life?

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