[Guess!] Do Something Weird Together With Friends?

Hey guys! Welcome to [Guess!]. First of all, let’s check the answers to the last episode:

微信图片_20190625144826.jpgMagician shows up after Melissa and Alan left.

Have you ever urged your friends to do something weird or something you don’t dare to do alone together with you?


Well, Phoebe has. She asks Rachel to get a tattoo together, though she is scared of needles. And Rachel agrees with it.


But Rachel wants to do it without telling her boyfriend, Ross. After knowing Phoebe is gonna get a tattoo, Ross seems not to agree with that. Then Rachel asks him if tattoos are cool, trying to know if he will get mad at her getting a tattoo.


Obviously, it is impossible for Ross to agree with tattoos. So Rachel is worried and wonders if she should do it.

Though Rachel hesitates, she still gets in the room as Phoebe keeps prompting her to do so.

Here is the [Guess!]:

Who didn’t get a tattoo? Rachel or Phoebe? Or neither?

Leave your answers below!

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