[Word For Today] Petition

Everyone! Do you still remember the words we learned yesterday?

Yep! That is “haggle“.

If you forget it, just have a review.

Let’s move on to today’s new word.

Taylor Swift releases song and petition calling for LGBTQ equality


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Pop singer and songwriter Taylor Swift on Monday released a star-studded music video that scolded social media trolls and urged fans to sign a petition demanding U.S. legal protections for gays, lesbians and transgender people.

Word For Today:

dubious (1)

Translations of petition in different languages:

Add a heading (2)

How is petition used?


a document signed by many people asking the government or authorities to do something or not to do something.

a petition against/for sth :

  • Trade unions have started a petition against the merger.

(2) LAW: 
a formal letter to a court of law asking for a particular decision
  • They had filed a petition in federal court on behalf of the detainees.


Make a sentence with “petition”.

What do you think of the word?

Hard or easy?

Please leave your comments~

See you~~

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  • Our university has signed petition regarding the arising issues between union and authority

    • My all neighbours have signed a petition asking the government to clean up the sewage system in our locality.

    • I signed a petition against my neighbors because they always mess up the things in the community

  • I think word petition and word haggle are the same. Is it?

  • u have provided meaning of hagle under ‘petition’ by mistake..see above!
    correct it

  • Well, ectually i don’t know what i will write about petition. But i think i’m done :””

  • Hello, friends, we file a petition against any types of violence. Like domestic voilence, human tracking.we filed a petition in the courts . Children also filed a petition in family courts.we all have a right to file a petition against any person 👥.u wanna justice, you sere your problems with government. Then u file a petition.

  • In other word mean of Haggle is negotiation and in other words mean of petition is request or complain. I guess

  • I just read an article that asks the reader to sign a petition for saving Maûi Dolphin…

  • Students filled the petition to against the principal decision

  • I have filled a petition to my company about the rules of overtime last week.

    • I think you should add against or for after petition word to clear a meaning

  • We had been written a petition for building a clinic in our district to local authorities.

  • i have petition to my coaching center that when they change the class timing sent message to everyone

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