[Fun Time] Who Says Adults Aren’t Naughty?

Hi, everyone!

Do you consider yourself to be naughty?

Many of you must say no, but in fact…


LOL! Some grown-ups are too naughty to play the child’s stuff.


Because of their large body size, they are easily stuck in the playground equipment.



So ladies and gentlemen, don’ t be too naughty.


When you are an adult…

What stupid things have you done?

Do not hesitate to share your stories with us.

Can’t wait to read your comments.

Have a fantastic day!!!



Look forward to your reply!

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  • No ! I don’t think I am naughty because I am quite disciplined person though I do my ways to lighten up my mood

    • I am now an adult but still I do such things that make my families awe-strucked. Two ✌️ days ago I went to a park 🏞 because my elder sister’s daughter wanted to play there. So we all went there but everyone could see how much interested she was, I was more than her. She brought a minicycle with her and wandered around the whole playground. But suddenly I wished to sit on it and I snatched it from her and started cycling. After some moments it broke down and everyone started gazing at me with both disgust 🤢 and anger 💢. After some moment’s silence my niece broke into crying 😢. It seems to be impossible to handle her so that day I bought another cycle 🚴 for her and made her happy 😊. But my family was very angry 😡 with me. Still now I do such things that bothered my family 👪 as if still I am a child 👶. But I think 🤔 I would never be able to change my this habit.

      • The point is….”Never change” unless its deadly

      • I think your niece loves you more than others because you’re close to her in your attitude more than to adults😍
        And children didn’t like adults 😁

  • oh! Its so funny to see adult playing in children ‘s toys

  • In fact, I am not an adult I am still teen, but though I usually plays like a small kid.😁

    • In Indonesia, Its called “masa kecil kurang bahagia” “unhappy child time”

      • In Makassar its call “anak tenayya matu matunna”😅

  • I am 22 year now but still in after rain tym when fresh water fill in the pits . I join some child’s and play in that water splash .😊😀

  • One of my son hobby, is play foot ball. Several years ago when my he was seventeen years old, he kicked a ball in the living room and hit a glass.
    Actually he is a nice boy but sometime do the stupid thing.

  • I have a nephew. He is my Elder brother son. He is naughty boy.

  • I am adult but I still do such a naughty nd silly things, it’s a story of yesterday night.
    When my brother brings a new little car for his two years old Son,my nephew started playing with it, when i saw I come inside the room nd push my nephew with back…… just for fun nd he laughs too much nd enjoyed but when i did it again …. 😟He slipped with car and his mought nd head touched badly with wall…. nd then….🙉🙊the blood starts like water….guys just think about my condition that time… 😨😨 everyyyyone started gazing at me with both disgust…last but not the least
    Me nd my nephew wept too much he is because of pain and Me also…😭😭… the ending of story also ends with Crying…. it’s morning nd I’m laying on bed nd still hearing his painful crys because my nephew is still crying with pain nd “me”..??
    Just leave me alone I’m fully in pain 😞🙁😒

  • Yeah! I’m bit naughty 😁n i think it should be to enjoy your life apart from that so called #Disciplined life😇

  • I was very naughty in childhood and still very naughty..my worst habit was that in childhood ..i used to fight alot🤭i was so fighter that i had slapped my van driver’s face😬..coz he was bother me anytime..but now i am very Innocent girl🤩

  • No I M not naughty…Now I’m respectable and become a gentleman..

  • Hi, whatever we are adults or no but we have inside us a child need a space of fun, if we stop it, we can’t enjoy by live

  • Hii friend, I’m so much naughty. I enjoyed playing all games . when I crossed any street , l saw children play so I also started playing with them

  • I’m little naughty type.
    If my bro is taking my food stuff which is shared equally by my mom. I use to write my name on the box or wrappers. It’s mine so don’t touch it.
    I wrote my name on the pillow , on the tv remote haha haha…

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