[Phrases] How To Encourage Someone

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Nowadays, people are living under great pressures, facing a lot of problems. Sometimes, some words of reassurance or support from someone can make a big difference to help to get through those tough times.

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Here are some phrases for you:

  • Don’t worry you will be fine.

When someone is facing a difficult situation and he/she is worrying too much, you can say this to give him/her confidence.


  • You’re doing the best you can.

Someone faces a tough task, he tries his best, but maybe the expectation is not met. Then you can say this to show that you appreciate his efforts.

  • I know it is hard but you are not alone.

When someone is exhausted doing something but still has too much to do, you can put yourself in his/her shoes by saying “I know it is hard.”


  • I’m always there for you.
  • I’m behind you 100%.

You can say these to show that you will stand by your friend whatever the problem is and try to face the challenge together with him/her.

  • You might as well!
  • Go for it!
  • Why not?
  • It’s worth a shot!

You can say these phrases to someone who’s trying to decide whether to do something that seems difficult or risky.


– Why is life so tough? everything goes wrong!


A. Good job!          B. You might as well!         C. Don’t worry you will be fine.

What is the most encouraging words you’ve heard?

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  • In these modern world we have faced a lot of problems. I want to give example of my best frnd. She had break up with his boy friend before a month. I encouraged them that you shouldn’t cry for that person who didn’t care for your feelings.

    • I think that you should not interfere in their problem. Let them solve their problem ok Khusi darling. 😘👱‍♀

    • U say ryt to ur frd why we care of those person who cant understands the feeling just leave those person in the lyf…

  • if you want to encourage some one then told him about his capability..
    He is very diffrent from others and he can do very well if he works according to himself ..
    Take the advice frim others analyze it and then work, definetly you will get success..

  • B. Don’t worry u will be fine
    My friend often say that I am strong I can do anything I want so this is the most encouraging line for me

  • We should not be disheartened. ..After every darkness there is definitely light.We should never lose hope as life is drama of sorrow and happiness.Bad times always flies.As Hope is the best friend when we are alone and we are strong enough to fight with bad times ..as after every fall there is rise..So be strong as we can do anything.nothing is impossible. .HOPE IS THE THING WITH FEATHERS THAT PERCHASE IN A SOUL

  • Nyc to read….most Helpable phrases,one can encourage someone.

  • because of some people do not want tough problem, they are afraid that what will do future

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