[Fun Time] Dad, I Washed Your Cameras!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day.


Many kids prepared some presents or surprises for their dads, but some surprises were really…674a0d46ly1g42ud800muj20iz0sggux


LOL! These are not toy cameras, but his dad’s real cameras.

My guess is that his dad might be heart-broken when he saw this scene.


If I were his dad, I guess I might cry “happily” and then pass out.

In China, there’s also a boy who gave his dad an unforgettable present.


LOL! The little boy carved some Chinese characters which mean Happy Father’s Day on his dad’s car.

Haha! Although they did something stupid, they just wanted to express their love.

How cute and sweet they are, aren’t they?

But their dads might have a different idea! LOL!

So when you are a child…

Did you do something stupid to celebrate Father’s Day?

Please leave your comments and share with us.

I can’ t wait to read your funny story.

See you!


Look forward to your reply!

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    • Ya one I surprised my father by giving an unforgettable gift πŸ“¦. Really still now when I think about it I can’t help laughing πŸ˜‚. Then I was only six years old when it was the first time for me to give any gift to my father. I couldn’t set up my mind what to give. Then a thought came in my mind that my father loves snow very much. So I thought that I would surprise my father by giving a home 🏑 full of snow 🌨. So in the very early morning when my parents was still taking nap, I did something which was unforgettable. I made a lot of soap water πŸ’¦ almost by destroying all soaps of our house, and poured it in the floor 🀣. It was not the end. Then for more whiteness which the snow 🌨 must have I tore a lot of white papers πŸ“„ and threw here and there on the floor ,then I tried to color the wall with white color drew a lot of Christmas trees, snow man etc. And then I switched of all lights and awoke my father to see. It was all over darkness so my father didn’t see anything but when he stepped down form the bed he got wounded by slipping down on the ground as there was all over soap water πŸ’¦. And then when my mother switched on the light she saw that my father was all over paper wrapped and looking very funny. She was about to laugh πŸ˜‚ at my father but when she saw the destruction which I did she got very angry 😑 and was about to beat me up. At that point my father stopped her and told me that he was very happy to have such a gift πŸ“¦. But made me understand calmly that I should not do that. It was a memorable day for me still now.

    • I’ve never given some surprising present to my dad cause I’ve never been celebrating a father’s day. But I’ve maked something LOL when I was kid that was I had made a small wholes at motor bycycle seat quiet alot and I didn’t know why I did do it.

  • I will surprise him with lost all his key that might he need in that “day” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ if he ask me I pretend try to find it.

  • I never celebrate father’s Day.. Because my papa said ” you have to do a good thing in everyday, not Just in 1 day”

  • I surprised my father not stupidly but surprised by an amazing news of me. That i got a check of 1.6m from Govt. For my business start up, he shocked very much and become very happy, congrats me too much and said son I appreciate to efforts and wish further success also kiss ur feet.

  • Lol……. I will express my love in his passport by writing “Happy Fathers’ Day”☺️☺️☺️….like a chila….

  • I fogot the father’s day.He remembered & he said to wish him on that day,πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹

  • In my family it’s not commun to celebrate that day but I can’t imagen the dad’s face when he see your cameras XD

  • I don’t know. When was Father’s Day. And no any surprise for father. But I love so much papa

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