[Guess!] When Your Girlfriend Argue With Your Friend

¡Hola! Are you ready to [Guess!]? Check the answer to the last episode:

Chandler didn’t get tanned. He just want to take a picture of Ross and make fun of him.


Sheldon is taping a special “Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags” episode about “Star Trek” flags, and invites his friend, Wil Wheaton, as a guest.

During the taping, Amy, who is filming and directing the show, keeps describing Wil’s acting too wooden or not fun or upbeat enough.

Wil insists that he is a professional actor and that he is doing this web broadcast for free. Amy replies that they are still not getting their money’s worth.

After another take, Amy says that wil was overacting on purpose. Wil says that he cannot do this if Amy is going to be a pain in the ass.


Sheldon is now caught in the middle and does not want either his friend or girlfriend upset.

Amy tells Sheldon that Wil is being rude to her and that he should ask him to leave. Sheldon objects that he could not do that. Then Amy says that maybe she should leave.

Here comes today’s [Guess!]:

What will Sheldon say then?

Tips: Amy is going to be so mad!

When your girlfriend/boyfriend argues with your friend, how will you deal with it?

Looking forward to your comments!

See you!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • He might tell Amy that Wil was doing it for free as he himself agree with it. So they couldn’t let this chance go so easily. Though he was overacting still they should not let him go. Otherwise other actors would take more money for this purpose. So they should not let this scope go away which came itself to them.

  • First of all , amy should speak in good manner with sheldon’s freind wil so. He won’t abuse her with rude words still he shud’nt be disrespect her so in this situation sheldon must let him go either or wil shuld apoligize for rude behaviour and continue shooting as well amy shuld have commonsence to respect profetional actor so she also gain respect for it

  • Amy that is very nice of you and thank you for understanding😁😁😁😅😆

    Normally it is better avoid to bring them together. So we Won’t caught in the middle. If they are starting to muddle with one another then we better draw line, so no one will cross the loc. In this way, we can maintain the peace between them.

    If anyone is going out of control then it would be better to stop them intial stage itself otherwise we will lose either one of them or both.

    So be careful when you brought your friends and girl friends together.

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